The legislature of the State of New York and federal statues have made the possession, sale, or purchase of certain drugs, without authorization, a crime. New York law prohibits selling or giving alcohol to any "visibly intoxicated person." The possession and consumption of alcohol is illegal under state law for those under 21 years of age. All members of the Law School community are expected to abide by the laws of the city, state, and federal government (Board of Trustees Bylaws, Article XV, Section 15.1). The Law School will not serve as a sanctuary, and cannot insulate its members from the consequences of illegal acts. The Law School will not protect its students, faculty or staff from prosecution under the law. All members of the community are expected to abide by city, state and federal statutes that have made the possession, sale, or purchase of illegal drugs a crime. Smoking is prohibited in the Law School and it is illegal to sell tobacco to persons under the age of 18 in New York State.

Counseling Services are available at the Law School, room 350G, phone 718-340-4216, and at Queens College, Powdermaker Hall room 128, phone 718-997-5420.

If you are experiencing difficulty with alcohol or chemical dependency, the Law School and/or Queens College can help you find counseling services or rehabilitation programs that will help you with your problem.

Students may be referred to the Dean of Students Office (suite 105, phone 718-340-4207) or the Counseling Center (room 350G, phone 718-340-4216) by members of the instructional staff or may seek assistance directly.

The Law School has a Counselor on staff who can direct students or staff to appropriate services for alcohol and chemical dependency (Linda Penkower, room 350G, phone 718-340-4216).


Alcoholics Anonymous
718- 520-5021


Focus on Recovery

NYS Drug Information Hotline

Children of Alcoholics

Stop Smoking Hotline
800- 227- 2345

Cocaine Hotline
800-COCAINE (262-2463)

Marijuana Hotline
888-MARIJUA (627-4582)

Heroin Hotline
800-9 HEROIN (943-7646)

Relapse Hotline


A counselor is available to counsel students on a wide range of personal, emotional, and psychological issues. The counselor also conducts workshops and facilitates support groups on a number of topics including test anxiety and stress management. All information shared with the counselor will be kept in strict confidence. The counselor's (Linda Penkower) office hours are posted by room 350G and the office phone number is 718-340-4216.