Procedures for dealing with bias related crime

Students who have been a victim of a bias related crime should immediately report the incident to the following offices:

  1. Student Affairs Office
    Associate Dean for Student Affairs Cheryl Howard
    Room 5-117, phone (718) 340-4487
  2. Campus Security Office
    Steve Katz, room 1-301, phone (718) 340-4271

Availability of counseling and other support services for the victims of bias related crime

Anyone who is a victim of a bias related crime is encouraged to seek counseling from a trained mental health professional. Experienced counselors, trained to assist with the consequences of bias related crime trauma, are on hand at the Law School and at Queens College's Counseling Center to provide crisis intervention, in-office counseling, referral to other support services and self-help groups. The counselors can also refer victims to community based support groups and professional organizations. The law school will assist any student wishing to contact outside agencies, including local police, regarding charges and complaints of a bias related crime. The law school can also assist in changing academic schedules after an alleged incident.

On-campus resources:

  1. Campus Security Office: room 1-301, phone (718) 340-4270
  2. Counseling Center: room 5-111, phone (718) 340-4216
  3. Student Affairs Office: room 105C, phone (718) 340-4207

Off-campus resources:

  1. New York City Police Department Detective Bureau, Hate Crimes Task Force, 1 Police Plaza, phone 646-610-5267
  2. Manhattan District Attorney, Community Affairs Unit, phone 212-335-9082
  3. Queens District Attorney, Antibias Unit, phone 718-286-7041
  4. Bronx District Attorney, phone 718-590-2427 or 718-590-2715
  5. Brooklyn District Attorney, Community Affairs Unit, phone 718-250-2241
  6. Staten Island District Attorney, Special Investigations/Bias Unit, phone 718-876-6300 or 718-556-7167
  7. NYC Victims Services Agency, phone 212-577-7777. This service is open 24 hours, seven days a week and provides crises intervention for crime victims.
  8. The Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, phone 212-807-0197 (24-hour hotline). This service is open 10:00 am through 8:00 pm Monday through Thursday and 10:00 am through 6:00 pm on Friday. It provides short term crisis counseling, advocacy services, and referrals for long term counseling.
  9. National Hate Crimes Hotline, phone 208-246-2292