Title I, Section 3-110 of the current New York State Election Law sets forth the conditions under which employees who are registered voters may take time off from their jobs to vote. The provisions of this section are summarized below.


1. Unless an employee has an unusual work schedule, the employee should not require any extra time off to vote.

2. If an employee has four consecutive hours either before work or after work during the time the polls are open, the employee shall be deemed to have sufficient time to vote. If the employee has less than four consecutive hours, the employee may take as much time as is necessary to vote, but only two hours of this time shall be excused time.

3. If an employee who is a registered voter does not have sufficient time outside of working hours to vote, the employee may take up to two hours without charge to leave balances to vote.

4. Time off for voting shall be allowed only at the beginning or end of the work shift, as the College Personnel Officer may designate, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon.


1. An employee requiring time off to vote shall notify the College Personnel Officer in writing, not more than ten nor less than two working days before the day of the election.

2. Every college shall post a notice setting forth the provisions of Section 3-110 of the current New York State Election Law at least ten working days before every election.

New York State Consolidated Laws [link not working]

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