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In accordance with the University’s commitment to the prevention of workplace violence, CUNY SCHOOL OF LAW adopts the following as its Workplace Violence Prevention Program (the “Program”):

1.     Purpose

The University’s Workplace Violence Prevention Program provides information to the College community about preventing and responding to incidents of workplace violence at the College’s worksites and facilities and seeks to develop programs which will prevent or reduce the likelihood of threats or acts of workplace violence. The Program seeks to ensure that any incident, complaint, or report of workplace violence is taken seriously and dealt with appropriately. The Program implements the Workplace Violence Prevention Policy adopted by the Board of Trustees on February 28, 2011. As set forth therein, workplace violence is defined as any physical assault or acts of aggressive behavior occurring where an employee performs any work–related duty in the course of his or her employment, including but not limited to:

Intentional and wrongful physical contact with an employee without his or her consent that entails some injury; and


An attempt or threat, whether verbal or physical, to inflict physical injury upon an employee;

ii. Any intentional display of force that would give an employee reason to fear or expect bodily harm;

iii. Intentional and wrongful physical contact with an employee without his or her consent that entails some injury; and

iv. Stalking an employee in a manner that may cause the employee to fear for his or her physical safety and health when such stalking has arisen through and in the course of employment.



2. Scope All College employees are required to comply with the Program.  In addition, since students and visitors to the College are required to conduct themselves in conformity with existing law, employees who observe or experience students or visitors engaging in violent or threatening behavior should follow the procedures in the Program for reporting such behavior.

3. Workplace Violence Advisory Team (“WVAT”)

a. The WVAT reports directly to the College President and consists of members designated by the President.

b. The WVAT Chair, selected by the President, sets the times and agendas for meetings and establishes sub-committees, as necessary, to fulfill the WVAT responsibilities set forth herein and in sections 4, 7 and 12.

c. The Chair and members of the WVAT and their contact information are listed in “Key Contact Information” below.

d. The WVAT will coordinate the Workplace Violence Prevention training at the Colleges.


4. Risk Assessments and Evaluation Process

a. On an annual basis, the WVAT