Counseling Nonprofits
  • Counseling a national nonprofit, that organizes and provides services to low-wage workers, on structuring its relationship with future affiliates in different states.

  • Counseling a local Queens nonprofit, that organizes the South Asian community to increase civic participation, on applying for tax exemption and on various board development issues.
  • Incorporating, drafting bylaws and applying for tax exemption for an arts organization created to promote and increase community access to the arts.
Drafting Client Documents
  • Drafting an employer guide outlining the benefits of and considerations when hiring those who have been formerly incarcerated.

  • Drafting and negotiating construction contracts and commercial leases, under the supervision of attorneys in the CED unit of Brooklyn Legal Services, Corporation A.
Wage and Hour Claims
  • Supporting organizational clients by providing their members with litigation support in wage and hour disputes.