The Community and Economic Development Clinic (CEDC) is providing comprehensive legal representation to help found the Pittsburgh Clean & Green Laundry Cooperative, an eco-friendly laundry based on the cooperative model established by Mondragon. Pittsburgh Clean & Green aims to re-employ 100 laundry workers-who were laid off when their Sodexho Corporation laundry closed-in a new state-of-the-art facility in Pittsburgh's Central District.

Through the CEDC's recent partnership with Mondragon USA, the largest worker-owned cooperative in the world, the clinic is using its substantive expertise in both cooperative and labor law to help develop the legal framework for a new model of unionized worker cooperatives-called "union coops"-recently launched by Mondragon, the United Steelworkers union (USW), and the Ohio Employment Ownership Center (OEOC).

The CEDC is working closely with local Pennsylvania counsel at Regional Housing Legal Services (RHLS) and in collaboration with the Clean & Green team to design all relevant corporate and governance documents for Clean & Green, including by-laws, membership agreements, and articles of incorporation. It is collaborating with the Clean & Green working group and other pertinent stakeholders to design corporate and operating structures that will accommodate diverse funding arrangements without sacrificing worker control.