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U.N. Criticizes U.S. for Incarcerating Youth in Adult Jails and Prisons

Thursday, the U.N. Human Rights Committee (“Committee”) criticized a broad range of U.S. laws and po >>

U.N. Condemns Criminalization of Trafficking Victims as a Human Rights Violation


New Report on Syrian Women & the Peace Process

To mark the three-year anniversary of the uprising in Syria, the International Women’s Human Rights  >>

IWHR Clinic Urges U.N. Body to Address Youth in Adult Jails and Prisons and Criminalization of Trafficking Victims

Professor Cynthia Soohoo, Nell Hirschmann-Levy (’14), and Meghan McLoughlin (’14) recently traveled  >>

U.N. Questions the U.S. on Its Practice of Imprisoning Children with Adults

On Friday, the U.N. Human Rights Committee concluded review and questioning of the U.S. Government o >>

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IWHR Students Testify to UN on Human Rights in Guatemala


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