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Jenny Rivera, An Equal Protection Standard for National Origin Subclassifications: The Context that Matters, 82 Wash. L. Rev. 897 (2007)

This Article analyzes equal protection challenges to Latino classifications and presents a new approach to equal protection doctrine and discourse in which Latino national origin subclassifications are contextualized and recognized as legally relevant and operative. The Article draws on the history surrounding the definition of "Latinos" and "Hispanics" in the United States to justify a contextualized definitional and constitutional analysis, and proposes a uniform standard of review for national origin subclassifications based on the legal, historical, cultural, and the political context of subclasses.

CLORE Fellow Natasha Bannan's recent paper on Vieques, Puerto Rico, U.S. Military Policy and Vieques: The Constitutionality and Consequences of Bombing a Nation. Read More »

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