Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees 2018-19*

Investing in law school sets you on the path to personal and professional success. CUNY School of Law is one of the most affordable law schools in the nation and the most affordable in New York. We provide an exemplary legal educational at an excellent value.



  In-State*** Out-of-State
Annual Tuition $15,000
Materials Fee**** $200
Technology Fee $250
Consolidated Fee $30
Student Activity Fee $83
Total $15,563 $25,463

Part-Time Evening**

  In-State*** Out-of-State
Annual Tuition $10,300
1L Summer Semester***** $3,938
Materials Fee**** $150
Technology Fee $125
Consolidated Fee $30
Student Activity Fee $43
Total $14,586 $24,154

Summer Session 2019 (Full-Time and Part-Time Evening)

  In-State** Out-of-State
Tuition $635 per credit
$1,035 per credit
Materials Fee $50
Technology Fee $62.50
Consolidated Fee $15

* See a comprehensive Student Budget including tuition, fees, and estimated costs of housing and other living expenses.

** The City University of New York reserves the right, because of changing conditions, to make modifications of any nature in the academic programs and requirements of the University and its constituent colleges without advance notice. Tuition and fees set forth in this publication are similarly subject to change by the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York. The University regrets any inconvenience this may cause.

*** New York State residency is based on clear and convincing evidence that one has assumed the responsibility of residency in New York State for at least one full year prior to the first day of classes at the Law School and a commitment to maintain New York State residency after graduation. Click here to see the complete Residency Policy.

**** All students are required to pay several fees: Materials, Technology, Consolidated, and Student Activities Fees. In addition, students will be required to pay such fees as may be assessed from time-to-time by student referendum.

***** The first part-time year includes a mandatory summer session of six credits at $635/ credit for in-state students or $1,035/credit for out-of-state students, as well as fees for the summer session. Subsequent years do not require summer session.


Seat Deposit

To reserve a seat in the entering class, all admitted students are required to submit a non-refundable deposit of $500. When you receive your bill, the amount due will have been reduced by this amount. In no case will an applicant admitted for fall entry be required to pay a deposit before May 1st of that year. Information on deposit dates and schedules is included with the letter of admission and is determined by the date on which an offer of admission is made.


Payment Schedule, Late Payments and Unresolved Balances

Tuition and fees are due as scheduled by the Bursar. Failure to meet tuition and fee obligations will result in cancellation of registration.

University regulations require that a late payment fee of $15 be charged to any student who is delinquent in paying tuition and fees by the established due date.

Students with an outstanding balance will be placed on hold. This prohibits students from registering for the next semester and acquiring a transcript. Your account will be sent to a collection agency, if bills remain unsettled after negotiating terms of payment. You will be responsible for all collections costs, in addition to whatever amounts you owe the college. In addition, non-payment or a default judgment against your account may be reported to a credit bureau and reflected in your credit report.


Non Instructional Fees

Application Fee $60
Change of Program $18
ID Card Replacement $10
Late Registration $25
Late Payment Fee $15
Re-admission Fee $20
Returned Check Fee $20
Transcript $7
Bursar Receipt $5

Tuition Refund Policy

Requests for withdrawal from CUNY School of Law should be submitted to the Registrar's Office before or during the first three weeks of class. All requests will be effective on the date of written submission. Tuition refunds or payments for students who withdraw follow the schedules established by the University that is stated below. Student fees are not refundable.


Tuition Refunds or Payments

Please note that the refund schedule is different during the summer semester. Refer to the summer tuition payment information for each summer semester for details.

  Amount of Tuition Refund Amount of Tuition Due
Withdrawal by last business day before the first day of classes 100% NONE
Withdrawal within one week after the commencement of classes 75% 25% + fees
Withdrawal during the second week of classes 50% 50% + fees
Withdrawal during the third week of classes 25% 75% + fees
Withdrawal after the completion of the third week of classes NONE 100% + fees