Co-Working Space: CUNY LawWorks

CUNY LawWorks is our on-site, co-working space, which allows you to take full advantage of this beautiful new building. LawWorks was founded as a way to support our graduates through the changing nature of the traditional work space and in recognition of the creative projects CUNY alumni build.

Kyle Carraro ’12, Yogi Patel ’06, and Erin Lloyd ’06 in LawWorks

Pictured: Kyle Carraro ’12, Yogi Patel ’06, and Erin Lloyd ’06 in LawWorks.

Affordable, flexible, professional work and meeting space is offered to alumni who are just starting up or who, for other reasons, do not need a permanent office. All members benefit from sharing ideas with other like-minded professionals and have the added advantages of the law library, faculty workshops, CLEs, and student interns. If you have a small practice or non-profit and you need professional space near the city, our accessibility and below-market rates might be a perfect fit. Contact Lisa Reiner, if you are interested: 718-340-4441 or .

Relaxed seating space in LawWorks

Relaxed seating space in LawWorks.

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