Hurricane Sandy and Financial Aid

We are aware that the past several days may have been traumatic for you and your loved ones in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. For many, these are difficult and trying times. The U.S. Department of Education is committed to assisting alumni who have been impacted by this natural disaster. If you were adversely affected in any way by the storm, we have options to help if you can't make your payment or need some time to make arrangements.

Federal Student Aid Disaster Information for Students living in New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut

  • Disaster information for students and parents
  • Borrowers who have questions about their federally-owned loans (Direct Loans or FFEL Purchased Loans) should contact their federal loan servicer directly or they can call 1-800-4FEDAID (1-800-433-3243)
  • General questions about hurricanes and natural disasters and their impact on your federal student aid may be e-mailed to Or you may file an online assistance request at or contact the Federal Student Aid Ombudsman at 1-877-557-2575 or 1-202-377-3800.

Federal Perkins Loan Program

The Department of Education authorized that the Law School grant forbearance for a period not to exceed three months to a Federal Loan borrower who is in repayment at the time of a disaster and who is unable to make payments due to the disaster. Interest will continue to accrue during any period of forbearance. Any CUNY alum living in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut may request this forbearance orally or in writing to Ms. Lolita Brandenburg at 718-340-4292 or via email at to be considered eligible for this forbearance. To receive forbearance beyond the three-month period, you must make a request to the Law School and provide supporting documentation. (At the expiration of the three month period, the Law School will examine your situation to determine potential eligibility for an economic hardship deferment or unemployment deferment, as appropriate.) This period of forbearance is counted toward the three-year maximum limit on the number of years of forbearance that may be granted to a borrower.

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 718-340-or for further assistance.


Dr. Angela M. Joseph
Director of Financial Aid