If you are in solo or small firm practice, or are thinking of this type of practice as a career option, contact Associate Director and CUNY Law Alum Lisa Reiner (’90) at lisa.reiner@law.cuny.edu about the Community Legal Resource Network (CLRN).

You can become a member of CLRN free-of-charge, share your experience and learn from the hundreds of other CLRN members who participate in this nationally recognized network of community-based lawyers who, in the spirit of CUNY Law, collaborate with each other in their quest to increase access to justice.

CLRN members are encouraged to participate in the active listserv and Practice Groups (Immigration, Labor and Employment, Family Law) and to engage in community service opportunities. They also are eligible to participate in low-cost CLE courses designed to enhance the quality and viability of solo and small firm practice.


CUNY Law Alum Elisabeth Ames ('96) Describes the Personal Significance of CLRN

"Were it not for CLRN, I would not have developed such a thriving immigration practice that today provides legal immigration services for artists, families, businesses, battered women, asylum seekers, and pro bono, among other clients. CLRN provided me a critical service 10 years ago when I started my own immigration practice. As a young attorney practicing solo, I very much depended on the CLRN support group of veteran immigration attorneys who would review letters I had written; update me on the law; and discuss ethical, legal and practical issues. Moreover, CLRN helped get me fluent with the novelty of email (year 2000) so that when amnesty came in December 2000, I could use this rapid communication device to respond to clients quickly and easily, improving my efficiency and making deadlines that might not otherwise have been made. CLRN remains yet another excellent resource that CUNY Law provides to its alumni."

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