Using The Student Center

Each student has an individual record in CUNYfirst, and only one record. For example, if you take classes at more than one CUNY college, your registration, financial and personal information will appear under your single student account for each college. If you transfer to another CUNY college, you will use your same username and password to access your student account, which will now include the new transfer college information.

Additionally, you can:

  • View your complete student record, and an unofficial transcript can be downloaded and printed.
  • Make appointments with faculty via CUNYfirst, and schedule times convenient to both of you.
  • See your complete financial profile, including any financial aid in place for you.
  • View your tuition and fee balance, and pay by credit card online.
  • Receive live information streams and communications that let you easily stay connected.

Claiming Your CUNYfirst Account <pdf>

Student Quick Reference Guide <pdf>

The following links are taken from the Student Quick Reference Guide for your convenience.

Introduction to Step Sheets <pdf>


Getting Started in CUNYfirst

CUNYfirst is an Internet-based application built on the PeopleSoft Enterprise platform. You may access this application at any location with Internet access. An Identity Management System secures all of the data. You will be assigned a User ID and you will create your own password. Security access allows you to use all of the functionality that you need. Your access is restricted from any functionality that you do not need.


Student Center Summary <pdf>

Students use the Student Center to manage their administrative activities. Transactions available to students are separated into sections on the Student Center page.


Personal Information

Maintain your personal information and review holds and to dos pending on your record.

Submit Meningitis



  • Contact your advisors.
  • View grades, course history, transfer credit reports.
  • Apply for graduation.
  • Obtain unofficial and official transcripts.


View appointments, plan and enroll in classes, view student and exam schedules.


Student Finances

View your Customer Account with tuition, fees, payments, and Financial Aid information. Make electronic payments online.


Financial Aid

View your pending Financial Aid information including disbursement dates. Indicate your acceptance or decline of awards. Complete and submit a Perkins Loan Supplement form. Complete the Loan Counseling requirement.

Step-by-Step Instructions <pdf>

The City University of New York reserves the right, because of changing conditions, to make modifications of any nature in the academic programs and requirements of the University and its constituent colleges, without advance notice. Tuition and fees set forth in estimated aid budgets is subject to change by the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York which regrets any inconvenience this may cause.


Student Self Service FAQ


Login to CUNYfirst

Claim My CUNYfirst ID

To begin using CUNYfirst you must first claim your account ID.

Getting Started
CUNYfirst Support

IT Help Desk
Mon - Thur: 8:15am-6:45pm
Fri: 8:15am-5:30pm

CUNYfirst Financial Aid Tools

At the completion of the Spring 2013 term, students receiving Financial Aid will be able to view all of their information in their CUNYfirst account. CUNYfirst announcements are sent to you via your law school email address, so be sure to check your law school email often for updates and instructions on using CUNYfirst Financial Aid Tools.