Lisa Davis is the Clinical Professor of Law for the International Women's Human Rights (IWHR) Clinic and leads the Gender Law and Policy Project (GLPP) at the Sorensen Center for International Peace and Justice. For over fifteen years she has worked as an advocate for gender and human rights. She has written and reported extensively on human rights and gender issues, including on women’s rights and LGBT rights with a focus on peace-building and security issues in conflict and disaster settings.

Lisa serves as the Coordinator for the Lawyers' Earthquake Response Network (LERN) Gender Working Group and is a Board Member of the LGBT Social Science and Public Policy Center at Roosevelt House. She is also a member of the Circle of Health International Middle East Delegation. Additionally, Lisa directs the international advocacy and litigation strategies for MADRE, an international women's human rights organization.

Prior to joining CUNY Law School, Lisa worked as an international human rights legal consultant for various UN Associate Experts and international institutions on gender and human rights concerns throughout the world.



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