Professor Fareed Nassor Hayat was the co-director of Criminal Justice Clinic at Howard University School of Law before joining the CUNY Law faculty as an Assistant Professor in 2018. Under his direction, students studied trial skills, substantive and procedural criminal law, drafted motions in misdemeanor and felony cases, conducted misdemeanor judge trials and wrote appellate briefs. Before entering academia, Professor Hayat was co-founder of The People's Law Firm in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC. Professor Hayat's practice included criminal defense, plaintiff-side police brutality, and Section 1983 Medical Malpractice claims in state facilities. He also worked at the Maryland Public Defender's Office in Baltimore City as a Neighborhood Defender where he provided holistic criminal defense to indigent clients. He assisted clients in enrolling in drug treatment programs, obtaining prescriptions for legal alternatives to illegal narcotics, receiving mental health treatment, and accessing job placement resources. He conducted "Know Your Rights" workshops, reviewing the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Amendments and jury education throughout the community. As a defense attorney, he litigated thousands of criminal matters, demanding trials in 95 percent of his cases and maintaining a 90 percent win rate in jury trials.

Professor Hayat studied history at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and went on to become a high school history and drama teacher in Los Angeles. He graduated from University of Southern California (USC) with a Master's in Playwriting and worked for a non-profit as a social worker developing emancipation plans for foster youth. He later studied law at Howard University School of Law and is admitted to the Maryland and District of Columbia Bar. Professor Hayat writes at the intersection of criminal procedure, evidence and criminal law.

Fareed Nassor Hayat



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