Joseph A. Rosenberg, Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Programs and Professor, directs the Elder Law Clinic, teaches a wills, trusts, and estates elective, and has taught a first-year Lawyering Seminar. A graduate of Northwestern University, he was a member of CUNY School of Law's inaugural class in 1986. After graduation, he worked as a staff attorney for the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York, specializing in government benefits, health law, and family law. He is co-author of the practice treatise New York Elder Law. His law review articles have explored a variety of topics, including adult guardianships and the vulnerable elderly, using online instruction to teach lawyering skills, supplemental needs trusts for people with disabilities, and professional responsibility issues in elder law practice.

Professor Rosenberg has served on an Article 81 guardianship advisory committee convened by the New York County Supreme Court and the board of directors of the Community Living Corporation, an organization that provides housing and support services for people with disabilities. He is currently focused on work to protect the rights of indigent adults in adult guardianship proceedings, develop strategies to increase access to legal services for elders whose primary language is not English, expand experiential learning across the law school curriculum, and develop online instruction and collaboration through his service on the CUNY Committee on Academic Technology.

Why I Teach at CUNY Law?

"I teach at CUNY School of Law not only because of our social justice and access missions, but because we are a leader in the law school experiential learning movement and continue to aspire to be an alternative to the competitive and hierarchical environment that is the norm at many law schools."

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