"I teach at CUNY because the students are endlessly inspiring."
Paula Berg

"I teach at CUNY School of Law because I want to teach law students who are committed to making a positive difference in the actual lives of their individual clients and in the well-being of their client organizations. I teach here because a predominant percentage of our student body is dedicated to securing greater social justice within our communities, the nation, and worldwide. As a founding faculty member, I came to build a law school that would humanize the law school experience. I have stayed at CUNY School of Law because I am inspired and enriched by our student body."
Beryl Blaustone

"There is nothing more rewarding than working with an entire class of students committed to law in the service of human needs. Although we often disagree on the specifics of any particular issue, that general point of agreement makes CUNY a very special community."
Rebecca Bratspies

"I teach at CUNY because of the institution's public interest mission, which permeates the entire program, and because it is a community of faculty, staff, and students who take that mission seriously."
Frank Deale

"I teach at CUNY Law because I value teaching law to a racially diverse student body devoted to public interest law."
Pamela Edwards

"Teaching at CUNY Law gives me the chance to watch amazing individuals transform into lawyers dedicated to social justice and energizes my commitment to help them in any way I can. "
Raquel J. Gabriel

"I teach at CUNY Law because of the opportunity to teach students who will build on the social justice experience they bring to law school to become the next generation of public interest lawyers."
Julie Goldscheid

"CUNY Law's commitment to excellence, access, and social justice drew me to teach here. CUNY Law's public engagement locally, nationally, and globally keeps that commitment fresh and exciting."
Natalie Gomez-Velez

"I teach at CUNY Law School because both students and faculty bring a diversity of rich experiences and a singular commitment to advancing social justice."
K. Babe Howell

"I work at CUNY because it is a community that inspires me. Our students, Faculty, Administration and Staff all believe strongly in our public interest mission and social justice values and strive to implement them through our work at and on behalf of the law school. Our students, in particular, also represent the social change we want to see in the world and in the profession. Not only do they work with marginalized communities to build power and create social change, they often come from those communities themselves. Thus, our students are changing both the face and nature of lawyering to create a diverse profession that struggles to uphold the honor of the law."
Carmen Huertas-Noble

Prof. Jeff Kirchmeier

"I came to CUNY School of Law because I wanted to teach students who aim to make a difference in the world."
Jeff Kirchmeier

"I teach at CUNY Law because our students, faculty, and staff are passionate about our social justice mission and recognize that diversifying the legal profession is a critical step towards achieving this goal."
Donna Lee

"I teach at CUNY Law School because of the students. These are people motivated to make a difference in the world, and I am honored to be a part of helping them to identify and achieve their individual social justice goals."
Degna Levister

"I love teaching at CUNY because the Law School attracts the most energetic and thoughtful law students who are committed to pursuing social justice and helping people who need help. And I see the results when our students graduate and pursue that commitment."
Julie Lim

"CUNY Law's social justice mission brings to the law school an inspiring group of students and faculty colleagues, and dedicated staff members and administrators, with whom I feel privileged to work. This justice aspiration infuses the curriculum, the extra curriculum, our teaching, and every conversation across the CUNY Law community. It challenges us and gives meaning to the work we do."
Andrea McArdle

"I teach at CUNY School of Law not only because of our social justice and access missions, but because we are a leader in the law school experiential learning movement and continue to aspire to be an alternative to the competitive and hierarchical environment that is the norm at many law schools."
Joe Rosenberg

"I teach at CUNY Law School because of the extraordinary students and faculty who pursue excellence in their lawyering, working toward equality and fairness in the law and our society."
Rick Rossein

"I treasure CUNY because everyone here is committed to using the law as a tool for social change. My teaching, scholarly work, and service are all enriched by CUNY's spirit of public interest."
Richard Storrow

"I teach at CUNY Law because where else do you get to be surrounded by a community committed to the cause of social justice and constantly encouraged, challenged, comforted, motivated, and supported in pursuit of that goal?"
Steve Zeidman