Graduating students may apply for a Bar Study Loan in their final year of study in law school. Bar study loans are credit-qualified private loans intended to help cover expenses incurred after graduation while a student prepares for the Bar exam. A student can only borrow from one lender for one bar loan. These expenses include living costs, study materials, a Bar review course, and the fee for sitting for the Bar examination. You should refer to the "Borrower Certification" section of the application for clarification about the purpose of the Bar Study Loan funds.

Bar Study Loan applications must be certified by the Office of Financial Aid. The lending institution mails the checks directly to the individual graduating students. A Bar Study loan application should be submitted to a lender prior to graduation. There may be some lenders that will accept applications after graduation. Please note that some lenders require a prior relationship.

The maximum limit of the loan varies for each lender. The minimum is $500. The maximum limit is $15,000. To be eligible for the loan you must have a satisfactory credit history and must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Repayment begins six months after graduation.

The following lenders can provide additional funds to cover the cost related to the Bar examination. This information is subject to change and is not an exhaustive list of lenders. CUNY School of Law is not responsible for changes made by lenders and we do not have any agreement with any lenders. Students may select any eligible commercial lender for their bar loan. For exact details and terms please contact the specific lender.

Remember, only borrow what you really need now and can comfortably afford to repay later. If you have any questions about this information, please stop by the Office of Financial Aid in room 4-109 or call us at 718-340-4284.

List of Lenders

CUNY School of Law does not recommend any particular lender. Upon information and belief, this is the complete list of lenders who offer this particular type of loan.