Federal Financial aid is not available to international students, with the exception of eligible resident aliens and eligible refugees. International students should first investigate the sources of financial assistance in their native country before applying to international organizations. Some foreign countries do assist students studying in the United States. Occasionally, international students can obtain financial assistance from American business firms or professional organizations, or from international organizations. For further information, write:

The Institute of International Education
809 United Nations Plaza
New York, N.Y.10017


U.S. Information Agency
Office of Public Liaison

301 4th Street, SW, Room 602
Washington, D.C. 20547
(202) 619-4355

The USIA maintains information about studying in the U.S. and the Fulbright program.


A few U.S. banks will offer student loans to international students if the loan is co-signed by a creditworthy U.S. citizen or permanent resident. However, there are private financial institutions and organizations offering loans to non-U.S. citizens and non-U.S. residents. Review and consider the terms and qualifying criteria before applying. CUNY Law has no affiliations nor do we endorse any of these loan programs. There may also be restrictions based on the type of visa.

For additional information, please contact CUNY School of Law Financial Aid Office. Please do not agree to any loan until you have a full understanding of your responsibilities. Please feel free to investigate the following options:

Educaid Extra International Student Loan Program
1-800-255-8374 or (617) 426-0681

Educational Finance Group
(508) 862-2528

International Education Finance Corporation (IEFC)
(617) 696-7840 or 1-888-296-4332

Edupass discusses many topics pertaining to studying in the USA, including scholarships and loan for international students.

The Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program accepts applications from resident nationals or residents of an eligible IFP country or territory, and fellows are selected based on the strength of their clearly-stated intention to serve their communities and countries of origin-the Ford Foundation expects that they will honor this obligation.


Canadian students

In addition to the options for international students, Canadian students can explore the following resources.

Scholarship portals


"Canada's One-Stop resource", including government student loan programs: www.canlearn.ca. This site will also provide you with Financial Aid by province.