Business Card Requests

See the step-by-step process and flowchart below. 


New card requests

  1. Request here via online form
  2. HR confirms information is accurate and forwards to Digital Media Services.
  3. Digital Media Services creates the card and sends PDF proof to requester, CC'ing HR.
  4. Requester confirms the proof is good to print.
  5. Digital Media Services sends template to Reprographics for printing, cutting, and delivery of cards.

Please note: Estimated turnaround time per card request, once received by Digital Media Services, is two weeks. Supervisor approval may be required at the discretion of Human Resources.


Reorders with no changes

Request will go directly to Reprographics via the online form.


Reorders w/ change of information

Request will start at the beginning of the process to ensure completeness and accuracy of records.