Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Program

The University's Office of Human Resources Management has implemented a Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Program (CSLB). The CSLB is a pool of sick leave and/or annual leave voluntarily donated by full-time employees for potential use as leave by donors to the bank. To the right, you will find the Catastrophic Leave Bank Policy, The Catastrophic Leave Bank Application to Donate, and the Catastrophic Leave Bank Application to Receive. Key factors about the newly implemented program are:

  • To be an eligible member of the CSLB you must be in a full-time title employed on an annual salary basis;
  • Must donate at least one day of annual leave (unlimited) and/or sick leave (maximum 10; credited only 5) each program year (September 1 to August 31);
  • Eligible employees with five (5) years of full-time continuous CUNY service is permitted to donate sick leave and/or annual leave to the CSLB, and eligible employees with less than five years of service are permitted to ONLY donate annual leave;
  • Donating time to the CSLB each Program Year allows an eligible employee to receive up to 90 days from the Bank in any Program Year should the employee be on unpaid status due to a catastrophic illness;
  • The University Office of Shared Services will review each Application to Receive Time and approve or deny the application based on the severity of the illness.
  • There is a special open enrollment period for employees to elect to participate in the Catastrophic Sick Leave bank by donating to the Bank. The special open enrollment period will run from November 14, 2013 through December 13, 2013;
  • The effective date for eligible employees to apply to receive time from the CSLB will be December 16, 2013;
  • Participation will automatically continue each year unless the employee elects to withdraw from the Program during open enrollment period, or is no longer eligible to participate;

If you have questions about this program or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the HR office.

Updated: 11-21-2013