The Information Technology Department maintains the auditorium's sound system, as well as the SMART Board Technologies throughout the building. The Department also distributes audio/visual equipment for institutional use inside the building. Camera operators are not provided. To report problems, call the audio/visual phone number at extension 84456 (from outside the building call 718-340-4456).

The Information Technology Department is responsible for delivering and retrieving all audio-visual equipment at the Law School. This includes television monitors, VCRs, video cameras, portable projectors and laptops, slide projectors and screens, speakers and microphones.

In order to request equipment, please send an e-mail to and include the following information: *

  1. Requestor's name (faculty or staff only; student organization requests will be honored according to the policy outlined below)
  2. Requestor's telephone extension
  3. Number and type of equipment requested (e.g., TV, VCR, video camera, projector, laptop, speaker and microphone, power strip, extension cord, etc.)
  4. Number and type of consumable media (VHS or mini-DV tapes or audio tapes)
  5. Date, time and location to be delivered. Please also provide how long the equipment will be required for.
  6. Whether internet connection is necessary
  7. Whether personal instruction in the use of the equipment is desired

* Requests that do not include items 1-5 above will be returned to the requestor and will not be honored.


General Policies

  1. Requests should be made at least 48 hours in advance of delivery.
  2. In no case will audio visual requests be honored if made less than 24 hours in advance of delivery.
  3. Where personal instruction in the use of the equipment is desired, the request should be made at least 72 hours in advance of delivery.
  4. Equipment must be requested by faculty or staff only (student requests will not be honored unless made through the office of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs; See below). Please remind students in your classes to allow sufficient time between request and usage of equipment.
  5. Equipment must be used in the room or location stated in the request. Do NOT move equipment to another room. If equipment use is after 6:45 pm Mon.-Thurs., or 5:30 pm on Fri., it should be returned to Security.
  6. Conflicts in scheduling will be resolved in favor of the party that made the request first in time.
  7. CUNY equipment is for official use only.
  8. Report any damage, vandalism, or theft immediately to the Information Technology Department in writing.

Borrowing Equipment on premises

In the event that the equipment delivery time or retrieval time is outside of normal business hours, the requestor must complete an equipment loan agreement and agree to be responsible for the safe return of the equipment. In these cases, the requestor must take personal delivery and be responsible for the safe return of equipment borrowed. The person who completes the equipment loan agreement will be responsible for the safe return of the equipment borrowed regardless of whether they are making the request for another staff member.

Events outside of normal Help Desk business hours (please check current Help Desk hours) that require IT's presence, must get IT Directors' approval 2 weeks prior to the event, for scheduling of IT personnel overtime. If technical support is required during an AV event, please call Tech-Support directly at x84456.

Student Organizational Requests

All student organizational requests for equipment must be made through the Office of the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs. If approved that office will forward the request to Technical Support. The delivery and retrieval of equipment must take place during normal business hours. Events scheduled outside of normal business hours must be made with at least two weeks notice. Students may not complete equipment loan agreements. When using Law School equipment, students may not charge admission or otherwise violate applicable copyright laws. Any changes to equipment needs must be emailed directly to Any changes to rooms, times, or dates, must be sent to both the Office of the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and


IT Help Desk

All communications regarding Information Technology should be emailed to the Help Desk at All Audio/Visual equipment requests shoud be emailed to

Help-Desk is located in Rm 3-205 and can be reached at (718)340-4456.

When classes are in session, hours of operation are as follows:

Monday through Thursday 8:45 AM - 9:30 PM

Friday from 8:45 AM - 5:30 PM