Computers for student use:


  • Right outside the Reprographics area (room 1/105): with two computers
  • The Computer Lab is in room 3-207 : with 8 computers
  • Cubicles 4-215A and 4-215B : with 1 computer in each

If you save something to the lab computer you will lose it if and when the machine is rebooted! We advise you to always BACKUP/BACKUP/BACKUP your data. We recommend you use flash/thumb drive for that purpose.


The School of Law uses a printing and photocopying system driven by PaperCut software. PaperCut encourages the responsible use of School paper and printers, which helps maintain an environmentally sustainable School and is in keeping with the spirit of the School's LEED Gold certification. Furthermore, PaperCut enhances confidentiality by printing documents only after a user's ID card is swiped at a printer. PaperCut works with both Mac OS X and Windows, and is available on the School's student-use computers as well as for installation on student-owned laptops. Rates for printing and copying are posted near student-accessible printers. To find out more information about PaperCut and where the printers are located please go to our Paper Cut web page.

Note: PaperCut accounts for graduates will expire on August 1st each year.

All public printers have double-sided printing set as a default. The Reprographics Department provides paper. Their office is located at 1-104 and their phone extension is 8-4298.


IT Help Desk

All communications regarding Information Technology should be emailed to the Help Desk at All Audio/Visual equipment requests shoud be emailed to

Help-Desk is located in Rm 3-205 and can be reached at (718)340-4456.

When classes are in session, hours of operation are as follows:

Monday through Thursday 8:45 AM - 9:30 PM

Friday from 8:45 AM - 5:30 PM