Examplify Instructions

Software Installation

In order to take an Examplify using your own laptop, you need to have the software installed. To do this, go to www.examsoft.com/cuny using any browser. Log in as an Exam Taker with your User Id and Password. Your User Id is the first part of your live.law.cuny.edu email address WITHOUT ANY SPECIAL CHARACTERS SUCH AS “.” or “-“ (e.g. test.student-live@live.law.cuny.edu would have a User Id of “teststudentlive”). Your password is 6 characters, 00 followed by your 4 digit exam id. Once you successfully log in, click on the Examplify tab and then click on the Download button and follow the instructions depending on your operating system.

During the software installation, you will be prompted for the Institution Id. It is "cuny" without the quotes.


To Re-activate your Examplify License

Please access www.examsoft.com/cuny with any browser. Under the section “Exam Takers”, enter your User ID and Password (for the password, make sure to use your Exam ID from the current academic year). Once you are logged in, click on “Examplify” on the top left. Click on “Download”. You will be asked to accept the “Disclaimer”. Click “I Accept” and log out/close the browser.


Taking a Practice Exam

If you plan to take your exam using your laptop and haven't taken an exam using this laptop recently, you MUST take the IT Practice exam. Your login name is the same as above. The password for the practice exam is "cuny" without the quotes.


Thank you for your cooperation and good luck with all of your exams.


IT Help Desk

All communications regarding Information Technology should be emailed to the Help Desk at Tech-Support@law.cuny.edu. All Audio/Visual equipment requests shoud be emailed to AV@law.cuny.edu.

Help-Desk is located in Rm 3-205 and can be reached at (718)340-4456.

When classes are in session, hours of operation are as follows:

Monday through Thursday 8:45 AM - 9:30 PM

Friday from 8:45 AM - 5:30 PM