City University of New York Law Review

The City University of New York Law Review ("CUNY Law Review") is an independent, student-run publication devoted to producing public interest scholarship, engaging with the public interest bar, and fostering student excellence in writing, legal analysis, and research.

CUNY Law Review is recognized as one of the leading civil rights journals in the country.

The CUNY Law Review is published twice-yearly, in Winter and Summer. The journal is entirely digital and accessible to the public. Visit the journal at Digital Commons.

In addition, CUNY Law Review continually seeks shorter, more time-sensitive contributions—such as comments on recent federal or state case law, critiques of legislative proposals, and legal analyses of current events—for inclusion in Footnote Forum, a supplement to the traditional journal.

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2018–2019 Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Malita Picasso

Managing Editor: Blosmeli Leon-Depass

Managing Articles Editors: Francesca Buarne & Sophie Cohen

Community Engagement Editor: Andrea Natalie

Special Events Editor: Bianca Granados

Student Authorship Editor: Lauren DiMartino

Executive Articles Editors: Antonio Ponton-Nunez

PIPS Editors: Cassie Hazelip & Zoni Rockoff

Notes & Comments Editors: Katherine Azcona & Erika Colangelo

Footnote Forum Editors: Katherine Dennis & Theodora Fleurant