Writing at CUNY Law School: A Pervasive Approach

Writing at CUNY Law School: A Pervasive Approach

CUNY Law School prides itself on its writer-centered pedagogy. It is one of only a handful of law schools that participate in a Writing Across the Curriculum/ Writing in the Disciplines university-wide initiative. CUNY’s innovative curriculum and pedagogic philosophy are supported by a faculty of engaged teacher-scholars committed to a pervasive approach to writing in legal education.

CUNY’s unique writing-based curriculum incorporates writing both to offer practice in the genres in which lawyers and legal scholars write and to support and deepen learning of legal concepts and course material. Below are some examples of how CUNY Law faculty integrate writing into their teaching.

Incorporating Writing in a Seminar on Land Use and Community Lawyering <pdf>
Writing from a Judicial Perspective <pdf>
Professor Andrea McArdle

Writing in the International Women's Human Rights Clinic
Director of the International Women's Human Rights Clinic Cindy Soohoo and Clinical Law Professor Lisa Davis

Writing as a Tool for Advocacy and Change in the Immigrant and Non-Citizens Rights Clinic
Clinical Professors and Supervising Attorneys: Ramzi Kassem, Alizabeth Newman, Diala Shamas, and Nermeen Arastu

Writing in Contracts
Professor Alan White

Writing in Lawyering
Associate Professor Nina Chernoff

Writing in Mediation Training for Law Practice
Professor Beryl Blaustone

Writing in Administrative Law
Professor Rebecca Bratspies

Writing in Environmental Law/Writing in International Law
Professor Rebecca Bratspies

Using Writing to Learn about Evidence Rules, Trial Practice, and Advocacy
Professor Sue Bryant

Using Writing to Develop Perspectives on Immigration Reform
Professor Janet Calvo

Writing and Advocacy in Civil Litigation
Professor Julie Goldscheid

Writing As a Fundamental Element of Criminal Trial Advocacy
Professor Babe Howell

Developing Skill in Written Advocacy Through a Vibrant Moot Court Program
Professor Jeff Kirchmeier

Using Writing to Enhance Student-Directed Learning in Advocacy Writing
Professor Shirley Lung

Writing as Part of the Law School Experience
Professor David Nadvorney

Writing Persuasively to a Judge
Professor Jenny Rivera (presently Associate Judge of the New York Court of Appeals)

Writing Court Evaluator Reports in Adult Guardianship Cases
Professors Joseph Rosenberg and Wendy Bach

Today's First Amendment
Professor Ruthann Robson

Multiple Choice
Professor Ruthann Robson

Writing to Advance Civil Rights and Equality
Professor Rick Rossein

Writing to Persuade in Trial Practice
Professor Rick Rossein

Writing in Contracts and Business Associations Classes
Professor Deborah Zalesne