Scholarly Activities of Writing Center Staff

In addition to our activities at the Law School, staff members of the Writing Center also engage in scholarly and creative work related to legal writing and pedagogy. This work contributes to the body of research in the field, and also brings positive attention to the CUNY Law writing program. Below are some of the presentations and publications of the Writing Center staff in recent years:


Writing Fellows Sergio Gallegos, Fritz McDonald, and Audrey Raden, along with Writing Associate Lori Wallach and Prof. Andrea McArdle, presented "Centering Legal Writing: WAC/WID at the CUNY Law School" at the Southeastern Writing Center Association conference in Chapel Hill, N.C.


"The Lesson," a poem by former Writing Fellow Ronaldo Wilson, was published in the Fall 2005 issue of the New York City Law Review (Vol. 8, no. 2).

Writing Fellows Steve Bashkoff, Jaime Cleland, and Fritz McDonald led a roundtable discussion at the CUNY Writing Fellows Semester of Inquiry Conference at the CUNY Graduate Center.


An article written by former Writing Fellow Silvia Rivero and Writing Associate Lori Wallach, "Low-Stakes Assignments: Developing Strategies to Write Persuasive Advocacy Briefs," was published in the textbook, Teaching the Law School Curriculum (Carolina Academic Press).

Writing Fellows Steve Bashkoff,Jaime Cleland, and Ronaldo Wilson, along with Writing Associates Silvia Rivero and Lori Wallach and Prof. Andrea McArdle, presented "Adapting WAC/WID to the Law School Curriculum" at the Seventh National Writing Across the Curriculum Conference in St. Louis.

The paper "WAC/WID in Multilingual Professional Academic Education: The CUNY Law School Case," written by Writing Associates Silvia Rivero and Lori Wallach and Prof. Andrea McArdle, was presented by Silvia at the Bilingualism and Bilingual Education in Latin America conference in Buenos Aires and published in the event's conference proceedings.


Writing Fellows Silvia Rivero and Lori Wallach presented "Adapting WAC to the Specialized Curriculum, or, Two Writing Fellows Go to Law School" at the CUNY Writing Fellows Summer Institute at John Jay College.