The Writing Fellows and Writing Associates are available to meet with students individually. You may use these one-on-one sessions to work on a specific piece of writing or to get help with problems that recur in many writing situations. To ensure that one of us is free when you’d like to meet, we recommend scheduling a 30-minute appointment via the Writing Center’s page on the Law School’s TWEN site. There is generally a Writing Fellow or Associate available every day, Monday through Friday.

During a tutoring session, you’ll be expected to:

  • Bring a piece of your writing. This can be an assignment you’re working on or any sample that you think is typical of your writing. It’s even better if you can drop a paper off the day before your appointment so we can read it before you arrive.
  • Have some idea of what areas of writing you’d like to work on. For example, do you struggle with organization? Sentence clarity? Grammar? Second-language issues? If you know where your difficulties are, the session will be more focused and productive.

We will not proofread, edit, or rewrite your papers, but we will help you develop the ability to recognize and correct your own errors and strengthen your overall writing skills.