For Faculty

Besides providing services for students, the traditional function of writing centers, the Writing Center at the CUNY School of Law is also a resource for faculty. We hope the topics on this web site will be helpful to you as you plan and manage your courses (and are open to suggestions of additional areas to cover). We also provide a variety of real-time services, including:

  • Faculty workshops focusing on specific issues. Participants in each three-hour workshop are paid a small stipend, and in exchange, are asked to read a few articles relating to the topic under discussion and come prepared for hands-on work.

  • Student workshops affiliated with courses. Working in collaboration, we can focus on specific stages of a writing project or provide semester-long support. The spectrum of possible activities ranges from workshops during class time to required individual student conferences at the Writing Center.

  • Individual discussions. In the past we have helped faculty evaluate their own commenting strategies and made suggestions on assignment designs.

Contact the Writing Center if you're interested in any of the above, or are wondering if we can help with some other specific need.


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