Creative Writing Group

Through the efforts of Writing Fellow Ronaldo V. Wilson and Professor Ruthann Robson, the Creative Writing Group debuted during the Fall 2003 Semester. Formed for creative writers of all genres to come together, the group provided a weekly forum for participants to discuss their finished works or drafts-in-progress.

In some sessions, the work of a poet, essayist, or visual artist would inform the discussion, often inspiring a writing assignment. For instance, poems from Cornelius Eady and Mendi Lewis Obadike served as models for students to write from the perspective of a person other than themselves. In other sessions, the group generated their own assignments; for Valentine’s Day, for example, they all decided to write love poems limited to 23 lines.

What makes the writing that emerged from these sessions so unique is the variety of forms—from the poem to the personal essay, the fictionalized court opinion to the autobiographical vignette—the writers find to express themselves as both creative writers and law students.

This Anthology, is a sample of works representing some of the writing from members of the Creative Writing Group from the CUNY School of Law, all of which is meant to inspire future members and the group as a whole.