Multilingual Legal Writers

Welcome to the Multilingual Legal Writers' Corner of the CUNY School of Law Writing Center! Scroll down for grammar exercises and links to resources for multilingual writers. This section of the site is for Law students who speak English in addition to other language(s)!

  • If English is not your only first language and you feel you are equally proficient in two (or more) languages,
  • If you are more proficient in a language other than English (and you consider English to be your second language),
  • If you speak one or more languages in addition to English, but are more proficient in English,
  • If you are a speaker of one or more English dialects,
  • If you speak (or only understand) one language with your family and another language with your friends (or at school),
  • If you love languages and are just curious about the information you may find in this site,

Then, this is a good site for you to visit and explore!


In this section you will find explanations of English grammar points and exercises relevant to multilingual writers. Parts of Speech:

The Multilingual Legal Writers' Trunk

This is a miscellaneous section that includes articles on bilingual writers/speakers' experiences, texts by multilingual professors/students on their experiences with language, and links to related sites and texts on languages, dialects, or varieties.

External Resources

This section includes some useful links to sites on English grammar points and writing sites relevant to multilingual legal writers. Many of these sites also have useful exercises on English grammar and text organization.


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