The Use of Articles: Exercise

(Material Prepared by Silvia Rivero)

Fill in the blanks with the correct article: THE, A, AN, or 0 ("zero") (if no article applies). Use capital letters only at the beginning of the sentence. Press the submit button when you are finished to check your answers.

Just to confirm (1) __________ rushed phone conversation we had today, I've been served with (2) __________ complaint from (3) __________ Small Claims Part of (4) __________ Civil Court brought by (5) __________ shopper against Loman's for (6) __________ breach of (7) __________ contract on (8) __________ theory that she came to our main branch last month in (9) __________ response to (10) __________ ad for (11) __________ leather coats and that we "failed to have (12) __________ merchandise to sell at (13) __________ advertised price." We had advertised these coats in one of our recent circulars. (14) __________ text of (15) __________ advertisement is part of (16) __________ FAX I sent previously to your office.

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