The Multilingual Legal Writers' Trunk

This is a miscellaneous section which includes articles on bilingual writers/speakers' experiences, texts by multilingual professors/students on their experiences with language, and links to related sites and texts on languages, dialects, or varieties.

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The Bilingual Families Web Page (by Cindy Kandolf)
Have you ever heard comments such as "Learning two languages confuses a child and lowers his intelligence" or "A child should learn one language properly first; then you can start teaching the other"? This web site addresses some of the common myths about bilingualism. It also provides some useful definitions in relation to bilingualism, information on the politics of bilingualism, and stories by bilingual families.

Issues in U.S. Language Policy
This web site includes information on the "Bilingualism Debate": Bilingual Education, Proposition 227, the English Only initiative, etc.

Language Policy web site
Includes recent papers, speeches, and articles by James Crawford as well as language policy documents.


Children and Bilingualism
This is an article on childhood bilingualism by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, published in Let's Talk # 47.

Bilingual Memory: A Re-Revised Version of the Hierarchical Model of Bilingual Memory
An article by Roberto R. Heredia, published in the Newsletter of the Center for Research in Language, La Jolla, CA (January 1996 Vol. 10, No. 3). How do bilinguals store their language information? Is the bilingual lexicon represented in one or two memory systems?

Bilingual Acquisition
An article by Fred Genesee that addresses some general concerns on bilingualism in children.

Bilingualism And Bilingual Education: A Research Perspective
An article by Kenji Hakuta, published in NCBE FOCUS: Occasional Papers in Bilingual Education, Number 1, Spring 1990. It includes a summary of some research in second language learning.