Home to notable collections in domestic, international, and comparative law, the CUNY School of Law Library is fully integrated with the Law School's philosophy and approach. The Library has been carefully planned and designed to support the Law School's public interest law orientation and innovative curriculum. With a greater than usual emphasis on practice and public interest law materials, the Library collection supports the clinical and theoretical focuses of the Law School curriculum.

Legal Research courses are developed and taught by members of the Library's professional staff who hold the ranks of Associate and Full Professor. The first-year Legal Research courses provide an unusually thorough training in both hard copy and on-line legal research.

The Law School Library facilities include 27,000 square feet with seating for 216 students. The Library collection includes 95,000 hard-copy volumes and 175,000 microform volume equivalents. In addition to the material available in the CUNY School of Law Library, resource-sharing networks, such as the New York Joint International Law Program, provide convenient access to combined collections several times the size of our own.

The Law School's state-of-the-art computer network gives faculty and students access to the most modern legal research tools available, including high-speed printers for Westlaw and Lexis-Nexis. Computer-aided legal instruction is an integral part of the Law School's curriculum during each year of instruction.

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