Wireless Network Access at CUNY School of Law

Current students, faculty and staff should always logon to the law school's wireless network as registered users. The "guest" wireless account is not compatible with many of our licensed databases. This is by far the largest cause of database access problems within the law school building. If you are not sure how to logon as a registered user, contact our IT department.

Problems accessing databases using the CUNY School of Law computer network

Report connection failures to our Electronic Resources Coordinator so we are aware of any potential problem. If you can not connect to one of the non-Lexis/Westlaw databases while you're on the law school's network, try going to your browser's address box and deleting the first part of the URL through "login?url=". The remaining part of the URL after = is the direct link to the database. Sometimes this will allow you to access the database if the link on the library's page isn't working.

Problems accessing databases from outside the CUNY School of Law computer network

Current students, faculty and staff can access most of our databases from home or other locations with a valid CUNY Law Library patron barcode number. If your barcode number is not providing access to ANY of the databases, report the problem to someone at the library circulation desk as this may be a problem with your patron ID. If you can access some databases but not others using your patron barcode number, report the problem to our  Electronic Resources Coordinator .

Using Pop-up Blockers, Virus Protection, etc.

The use of pop-up blockers, virus protection software, firewalls, refusing cookies, etc., can potentially interfere with your use of the licensed databases. Some of the vendors include specific instructions for working around these problems. If you have questions the vendor is unable to answer, contact our  Electronic Resources Coordinator .

Lexis & Westlaw

Current students, faculty and staff with valid passwords have 24-hour support from Lexis and Westlaw via their toll-free customer support numbers, email and chat. If you have a problem with Lexis or Westlaw access that their technical support people are unable to resolve, report it to our Electronic Resources Coordinator.