June 2015

Death Penalty Worldwide

Provides information on the laws and practices related to the application of the death penalty for every country in the world that retains capital punishment. Run by Clinical Professor and Director of the International Human Rights Clinic at Cornell Law School. Free online resource.
Link location: Legal Databases (Subject-Specific Databases section).

September 2014


Includes newsletters on a wide range of legal practice areas, providing current news and analysis. You can browse the site or sign up for daily updates. Twitter feeds also available.
Link locations: Legal Databases (Journals, Newspapers & Indexes section). Legal News (National Legal News section); Faculty Resources (News for Law Professors section).

June 2014

Apps for Law School and Law Practice

A guide created by Profs. Alex Berrio Matamoros and Jonathan Saxon, CUNY School of Law Library.
Link location: Technology Resources for Lawyers & Law Schools (Mobile App Guides for Lawyers & Law Students section).

Technology Resources for Lawyers & Law Schools

This new CUNY Law Library page focuses on technologies of interest to lawyers, law professors, and law students. Included are links to sites with information on educational technology, apps for mobile devices, and social media related to law practice, as well as general resources on legal technology.
Link locations: Legal Research Links; Faculty Resources.

March 2014

Immigration Law & Policy in the U.S. - HeinOnline

A compilation of important historical documents and legislation related to immigration in the United States as well as current hearings, debates and recent developments in immigration law. Includes BIA Precedent Decisions, legislative histories, law and policy titles, extradition titles, scholarly articles, an extensive bibliography, and other related works. More information <pdf>.
Link locations: Legal Research Links (U.S. Primary Law Resources & Subject-Specific Databases sections).

February 2014


Fastcase is a low cost alternative to Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law for findling primary law materials. See the help and training page for information on how to use this resource.

August 2013

Nineteenth Century Collections Online (Gale)

According to the publisher, "Nineteenth Century Collections Online is a multi-year global digitization and publishing program focusing on primary source collections of the long nineteenth century, with archives releasing incrementally beginning in spring 2012. . . The content is sourced from the world's preeminent libraries and archives. It consists of monographs, newspapers, pamphlets, manuscripts, ephemera, maps, photographs, statistics, and other kinds of documents in both Western and non-Western languages."
Link location: Non-Legal Databases (History section).

Slavery & Anti-Slavery: A Transitional Guide (Gale)

Slavery and Anti-Slavery includes collections on the transatlantic slave trade, the global movement for the abolition of slavery, the legal, personal, and economic aspects of the slavery system, and the dynamics of emancipation in the U.S. as well as in Latin America, the Caribbean, and other regions. The collections include books, journals, U.S. Supreme Court decisions and briefs, encyclopedias, and more. The database is divided into the following categories that may be searched individually or in combination - part I: Debates over Slavery and Abolition, part II: Slave Trade in the Atlantic World, part III: The Institution of Slavery, and part IV: The Age of Emancipation. More information.
Link location: Non-Legal Databases (History section).

February 2013

Legal Source - EBSCO

Provides access to over 1,200 full-text journals and over 2.5 million records, including book reviews and case citations. This resource includes the contents of the long-running Index to Legal Periodicals & Books publication, so it also includes bibliographic information for many additional law journal articles that aren't available in full-text on EBSCO going back to 1918. For articles where no full-text viewing option is provided, use the "Find It" button to see if the articles are available in other databases our library subscribes to or in our print collection.
Link location: Legal Databases (Journals, Newspapers & Indexes section).

Index to Legal Periodicals & Books discontinued

This resource was acquired by EBSCO and is now part of the Legal Source database.

January 2013

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law is competing with Lexis and Westlaw as a full-service research system. Content includes primary authority from all U.S. jurisdictions, a citator, secondary sources from BNA (which Bloomberg acquired not long ago), and special Practice Centers mostly geared toward commercial law but including useful topics such as labor & employment and health. Included among the unique features of Bloomberg Law is access to court dockets and documents without having to go through PACER. Bloomberg Law also includes access to an extensive collection of news sources from the non-legal Bloomberg business research service that has existed for many years. More information.
Link location: Legal Databases (General Research Databases).


December 2012

Bloomberg BNA Premier Package - and Bloomberg Law coming soon!

We now have access to many additional BNA databases that we didn't subscribe to before as part of our online “Premier Package” subscription. The library maintains permanent links to this list and several of the individual Bloomberg BNA databases on our Legal Databases page.
Link locations: Legal Databases (General Research Databases & Subject-Specific Databases sections).

Perhaps more importantly, we will also be gaining access to the Bloomberg Law research database. Bloomberg Law is the first legal research system seeking to compete with Lexis and Westlaw on equal terms, offering a large array of primary and secondary legal sources, as well as non-legal materials. Included among the unique features of Bloomberg law is access to court dockets and documents without having to go through PACER. Bloomberg Law reps will be here early in the spring semester to introduce the product and provide passwords and training. Look for more announcements about Bloomberg Law in January!

November 2012

Legislative Insight - Proquest

Legislative Insight currently includes legislative histories for over 18,000 laws from 1929 – present and includes searchable full-text pdfs of hearings, reports, prints, earlier versions of bills, and other documents associated with each law. Also included are excerpts from the Congressional Record referencing each bill, Presidential signing statements, related CRS reports and more. More information.

In addition to its content, Legislative Insight has a unique and useful feature that allows you to select documents based on what point in the legislative process they were created in. To see how this works, select the “Legislative Process” link, then enter PL111-148. The left column will contain a list of all the documents associated with the public law number you entered, while the right column allows you to narrow your results to documents created during particular stages such as committee actions (hearings and markups), reports on bills, floor activity and more.
Link locations: Legal Databases (U.S. Primary Law Resources section); Legal Research Links - Federal Law & Government (Statutes & Legislative History section).

July 2012

The Making of the Modern World (Gale)

A collection of books, journals, newspapers, etc., documenting world history from an economic perspective covering the period from 1453 - 1939.
Link location: Non-Legal Databases (History section).

Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Burney Collection (Gale)

More than just a collection of historical English newspapers, this resource also includes books, pamphlets, Acts of Parliament and more collected by Reverend Charles Burney, described by the publisher as "the largest and most comprehensive collection of early English news media." Publications from the British Isles as well as the "colonies" are included, so this can be used a source for research into early American history during the colonial period.
Link location: Non-Legal Databases (History section).

National Geographic Magazine Archive

Covers the period 1888-1994. For more recent issues, search our online catalog by title to see if they are included in other databases we have access to.
Link location: Non-Legal Databases (Science section).

May 2012

LexisOne product discontinued

Lexis no longer provides this service, which was a source of free federal and state case law. All links to it have been removed from our pages.

April 2012

Two New Database Additions to Our HeinOnline Subscription: Bar Journals and State Attorney General Reports & Opinions

The Bar Journals collection includes 74 new titles from state and local bar associations that were previously not available on HeinOnline.
Link locations: Legal Databases (Journals, Newspapers & Indexes section).

State Attorney General Reports & Opinions includes all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Coverage goes back to inception for many states (including NY), and content is being added to eventually provide coverage back to inception for all states. More information is available in the publisher's pdf brochure <pdf>.
Link locations: Legal Databases (U.S. Primary Law Resources section); Legal Research Links - New York (Executive section) and Other States (State Laws section).

November 2011

U.S. Supreme Court Records & Briefs, 1832 - 1978 - Gale

Provides electronic access to a vast collection of U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs that were previously only available through cumbersome microfiche or print archives. Contains nearly 11 million pages of records, according to the publisher. Part of Gale's "The Making of Modern Law" collection. More information <pdf>.
Link locations: Legal Databases (U.S. Primary Law Resources section); Legal Research Links - Federal (Judicial: U.S. Supreme Court section)

October 2011

LexisNexis Academic

Strengths include news and business/company information. The database also offers country and state profiles as well as subject collections of resources in the following areas: accounting, environmental studies, health & medical care, government & politics, “people” information and consumer resources. Although LexisNexis Academic includes a legal component with some of the tools you are familiar with, it has significant limitations and should not be used for serious legal research when you have access to the much more comprehensive LexisNexis for Law Schools. More information.
Link locations: Non-Legal Databases (Multi-Disciplinary and Newspapers sections).

PACER (training link)

PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) provides access to case and docket information for federal district, bankruptcy and appellate courts, including electronic filings for most courts on the system. Current CUNY School of Law students and faculty should see a Reference Librarian for access to this service. PACER provides a free training site where you can learn to use the service in advance and get a better idea of what is available.
Link locations: Legal Databases (U.S. Primary Law Resources section); Federal Law & Government Information (Judicial - Other Federal Court Decisions)

LegalTrac - removed from our Legal Databases page

We no longer subscribe to this index database for legal periodicals due to low use. Content is largely duplicated in the Index to Legal Periodicals and Books.

August 2011

Books in Print

Find all books currently in print. Includes e-books and other formats. Use the "advanced search" function for more specificity when needed.
Link locations: Legal Databases (Book Finders section); Non-Legal Databases (Book Finders section)

July 2011

Eighteenth Century Collections Online

The publisher (Gale) claims that this database includes "every significant English-language and foreign-language title printed in the United Kingdom during the 18th century, along with thousands of important works from the Americas." Although this is not a legal database, it contains a substantial section on law in the British empire during the 1700s. This includes law in the American colonies before the United States declared its independence. Other major sections of the database include History & Geography, Social Science & Fine Arts, Science, Technology & Medicine, Literature & Language, and Philosophy & Religion. More information. To see a more detailed description of what is contained in this database, select "help" and then use the product description link on that page.
Link locations: Legal Databases (U.S. Primary Law Resources section, as well as the Treaties, International & Foreign Law section); Non-Legal Databases (Multi-Disciplinary Databases section).

CUNY Law Library Legal Databases page reorganization

The former "Government Documents" section on this page has been renamed. Links that were contained in that section are now included in the U.S. Primary Law Resources section of the Legal Databases page. Additionally, the CQ Researcher database has been moved into this section and removed from the "General Research Databases" section of the page.

July 2010

ScienceDirect (Elsevier)

A leading science database that includes full-text articles from over 2,000 peer-reviewed journals and chapters from over 10,000 books.
Link location: Non-Legal Databases (Science section)

Oxford English Dictionary

This is the online edition of the famous multi-volume print version, with definitions for over 500,000 words. Contains the contents of the current print version, plus updates as they are added that will appear in the new print version when it comes out. The publisher claims over 2.5 million quotations are included to show the usage of words, which is a particular strength of this dictionary.
Link locations: Non-Legal Databases (Reference Databases section); General Reference (Dictionaries & Thesauri section)

Other Non-Legal Database Updates

There have been some changes in the non-legal databases that are available to us through NOVELny . We now have access to the following databases:

Link locations: Non-Legal Databases (in the Multi-disciplinary databases section)

We will no longer have access to the following databases previously provided through NOVELny:

  • Gale Health and Wellness Resource Center
  • ProQuest Platinum

June 2010

New York Law Journal

The online version includes everything that appears in the paper version, with the exception of some articles appearing in the "GC New York" section of the site and some photographs. The online version is also updated more frequently and contains some features that don't appear in the print version. Older articles are generally available on the site for at least a month and often go back several months depending on the practice area they've been classified under.  NYLJ also offers free e-mail newsletters that you can sign up for individually.
Link locations: Faculty Resources (News section);  Legal Databases (Journals, Newspapers & Indexes section);  Legal News (New York section)

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The online version of The Chronicle includes an electronic edition of the current print issue plus a searchable archive of past issues going back to September 1998. News stories and job listings are added to the online version daily. Commentary and essays from the separate weekly magazine, “The Chronicle Review” are also available on the Web site, as are the data from the annual Almanac and other single-topic reports The Chronicle publishes. The Chronicle also offers free e-mail newsletters that you can sign up for individually.
Link locations: Faculty Resources (News section);  Non-Legal Databases (Newspapers section)

April 2010

World Constitutions Illustrated

We now have access to HeinOnline’s “World Constitutions Illustrated” library. According to HeinOnline, some of the important features of this library include: access to the current constitution of every country in its native language, English translations for 90% of those constitutions, links to related books and articles, a collection of 800 “classic” books related to constitutions and more. For complete details about the content of this resource, see the brochure <pdf>. “World Constitutions Illustrated” is currently not considered a replacement for Oxford’s “Constitutions of the Countries of the World” database, which we also subscribe to, so both resources should be checked when doing constitutional research for foreign countries. The HeinOnline resource will continue to grow as libraries contribute additional historical documents it.
Link locations: Legal Databases (Treaties, Foreign & International Law Resources section); International and Foreign Law Resources (Research Sites/Guides section)

February 2010

Library's Electronic Book Collection Expanded - Ebrary

Our library users now have access to over 46,000 additional electronic books as a result of a recent CUNY-wide subscription to a collection provided by the vendor “ebrary”. The ebrary titles cover a wide range of subject areas, including some law and law-related topics. Many of these are recently published books. Accessing the Ebrary site directly allows you to search the books in full-text if you wish to. Relevant ebrary book records will also appear in CUNY Law Library catalog search results along with any other other book records that match the search.
Link locations: Legal Databases ("Book Finders" section; Non-Legal Databases ("Book Finders" section)

December 2009

HeinOnline New York Legal Research Library

Includes NY session laws back to 1777, NY law reviews and bar journals, NY Attorney General Reports & Opinions back to 1890, the NY State Register back to 1979, "legal classics" (mostly historical treatises) on NY law, and more.
Link location: New York State Law & Government Resources (Legislative Information section); more locations to be determined.

International Legal Research: A Brief Introduction and Research Guide <pdf> - New Resource from CUNY School of Law Library

Compiled by Prof. Douglas Cox and Prof. Raquel Gabriel, both CUNY School of Law librarians. The focus of this guide is on materials that are available to CUNY School of Law students and faculty, both through our print collection and online.
Link location: International and Foreign Law Resources (Research Sites & Guides section)

October 2009

Subject Compilations of State Laws, 1960 - current - HeinOnline - New Resource

According to the publisher's description, this is a "comprehensive source for identifying thousands of articles, books, government documents, loose-leaf services, court opinions and Internet sites that compare state laws on hundreds of subjects." Includes over 18,000 bibliographic records. When material in the record is available on HeinOnline or through other selected Internet sources, a link is provided.
Link locations: Legal Databases (Government Documents section); Other States (State Law Research section)

Indexmaster database - removed from our Legal Databases page

We no longer subscribe to this database

Non-Legal Databases - Page Updates

We have added a Business Databases category linking some of the resources available to us from CUNY Central. In the Health Databases section of the page we've added links to the CINAHL, Health & Wellness Rsource Center, Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition, and PubMed databases. In the Science Databases section we've added a link to Wiley Interscience. For more information about these resources, visit our Non-Legal Databases page to read the descriptions and try out the databases.
Link location: Non-Legal Databases

Library Homepage - Page Update

The "Library Information" links have been reorganized. A link to the new "Electronic Resource Updates" page has been added, the "Legal Research Course" page link has been removed and the order of the remaining links has been rearranged.

September 2009

EBSCO Database Updates - New and Upgraded Resources

The CUNY-wide non-legal EBSCO database offerings have been expanded. The former "Academic Search Premier" has been upgraded to Academic Search Complete, more than doubling the number of full-text journals previously available. Business Source Premier was similarly upgraded to Business Source Complete. EBSCO's version of MEDLINE has also been upgraded to MEDLINE with Full Text, adding full-text access to many of the indexed journals. New EBSCO databases available to us are Education Research Complete and Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts with Full Text.
Link location: Non-Legal Databases

Federated Search Engine - Available to all CUNY Libraries on a Trial Basis Through 2009

This tool allows you to search across multiple non-legal databases available to all CUNY campuses. It is provided by EBSCO, but it is not limited to EBSCO databases. The first page allows you to choose pre-selected groups of databases by subject. If you click on the "Databases A-Z" link you can specify exactly which databases you wish to combine. Note that although LexisNexis Academic is listed as one of the choices, the law school does not have access to that database. Using this tool is similar to using meta search engines, where the results you get may not be as complete as searching each database or search engine individually. This resource is on trial for all CUNY libraries through the end of 2009. Send any comments to Jonathan Saxon, Electronic Resource Coordinator.
Link location: Non-Legal Databases (Federated Search Engine section)

August 2009

Faculty Resources - Page Update

Scholarship Links moved. Resources formerly listed on this page under "Scholarship Publications", "Scholarship Submission Tools" and "Scholarship Support" have been moved to a new "Faculty Scholarship Support" page, which is maintained by the CUNY School of Law Office of Faculty Scholarship Support. A link to the new page is under the "Scholarship & Publication Resources" category.
Link locations moved to: Faculty Scholarship Support page (no longer part of Library pages).

First Year Student Resources - Page Update

Links on this page were reviewed and updated for the incoming class.

July 2009

BNA Newsletter Access Password Changed

To faculty who receive BNA newsletters via email: every year in July, BNA changes the password needed to access the links in the newletters. The new password was sent to all faculty via email. If you can't find the password, please contact Jonathan Saxon, Electronic Resources Coordinator.

Non-Legal Databases - Sage Research Databases Removed

The CUNY library system no longer subscribes to the Sage research databases.  We still have access to a back-file of individual journals for many titles, but we no longer have the ability to search teh research databases. Part of the reason for this was the EBSCO Academic Search Complete upgrade (see above).

April 2009

Palgrave Dictionary of Economics - New Resource

Available only to current CUNY School of Law students and faculty.
Link locations: Non-Legal Databases (Reference Databases section); Non-Legal LInks - General Reference (Dictionaries & Thesauri section)

Health Law Reporter - BNA - New Resource

Available only to current CUNY School of Law students and faculty.
Link location: Legal Databases (Subject-Specific section)

Human Resources Report - BNA - New Resource

Available only to current CUNY School of Law students and faculty.
Link location: Legal Databases (Subject-Specific section)

March 2009

U.S. Congressional Documents - LexisNexis Congressional - New Resource

This is the most comprehensive online resource we have available for finding and downloading congressional documents. Full-text documents are available in most years for House & Senate Reports (1819 - ), House & Senate Documents (1817 - ), Legislative Histories (1969 - ) and the U.S. Serial Set (1789 - 1969). The collection also includes indexes for Committee Hearings (1824 - ) and Committee Prints & Misc. Publications (1830 - ), with limited full-text available for those documents as well. If you find a reference to a document that is not available in full-text, please see one of our reference librarians for help in obtaining it through other means. Using the advanced search function allows you to search for the documents mentioned above in combination or individually. Additional areas of the collection include the full-text of U.S. Public Laws (1988 - ), U.S. Statutes at Large (1789 - ), GAO reports (2004 - ), the C.F.R. (1981 - ), the Federal Register (1980 - ) and more.  There is also a section with information about members of Congress that includes voting records and identification of campaign contributors. Available only to current CUNY School of Law students and faculty.
Link locations: Legal Databases (Government Documents section); Legal Research Links - Federal (Legislative: Statutes & Legislative History section)