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Bar Examiners' Official Sites

New York State Board of Law Examiners

Provides information on the New York bar exam, including questions and sample answers from the most recent examination.

New Jersey Board of Bar Examiners

State of Connecticut Bar Examining Committee

National Conference of Bar Examiners

Provides much information on the Multistate tests, including the MBE, MPT and MPRE.

ABA's Directory of State Bar Admissions Offices

Bar Exam Information and Help Sites

(see also the bar examiners' official sites, above)

ABA Bar Admissions Information

New York State Lawyer Assistance Trust Character and Fitness Brochure <pdf>

Bar Preparation Courses

This page provides contact information and links to several commercial bar preparation course providers and is maintained by the Washburn University School of Law.

State Bar Information and Links (provided by BAR/BRI)

Choose a state in the drop-down menu, then select the "bar exam information" link to see a nice collection of information and links for state bar exams. Note: the link to this site is included for the useful free information it provides about the bar exam in each state. This link does not constitute an endorsement of this bar review company by the CUNY School of Law Library.

Past Bar Exam Results

NY State Board of Law Examiners

New Jersey Board of Bar Examiners

See the "Recent Results" link in the top navigation bar that appears after you enter the site.

Connecticut Bar Examination Results