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Please use the links provided on this page to investigate email or reports you receive containing any of the following: warnings about computer viruses, petitions for seemingly worthy causes, notices urging you to flood the mailboxes of congresspersons about suspicious-sounding proposed laws, money-making schemes, suspected "urban legends", and any email that urges you to forward it to "everyone you know".

Computer Virus Information Anitvirus Software Page

Plenty of timely information here on real computer viruses. Also includes a link to a Hoaxes and Myths page for the fake threats. There is also a different page contained in their general urban legends site that lists more links to information on Computer Virus Hoaxes.

Symantec Security Response

Frequently updated information on computer viruses, provided by the makers of Norton Antivirus software.

Macintosh Virus Information

About: Mac Security Guides

A separate section of the Antivirus Software page devoted exclusively to computer viruses that affect Macintosh computers.

Urban Legends & Hoaxes

About: Urban Legends & Folklore

A good starting point for finding information about Internet hoaxes.

Snopes Urban Legends Reference Pages