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This page includes links for both general and law-specific resources.

Internet Search Engines

Many general search engines do not search their own databases. Instead, most draw their search results from the databases of either Google or Bing.


Question & answer format remains from earlier versions, but no longer uses its own database of websites for searching.


Microsoft's web search engine created to compete with Google. It has the next largest collection of websites to search after Google.


Allows you to search the Web anonymously. Searches Bing and other sources.


'Nuff said.


Searches the Google database of websites.

Additional search engines you might want to try that are not nearly as large as Google or Bing but search their own databases:


Has its own webcrawler and claims search over 16 billion pages. Advanced search tools available.



Has one of the largest search engine databases in the world after Google and Bing. Provided by a European Internet company. Claims to be the leading search engine in Russia! More information.

Archival Search Engines

Wayback Machine

Enter a website address and see how the site appeared at earlier periods of its history. Part of the Internet Archive, which seeks create an "Internet Library" preserving born-digital materials.

Law-Specific Search Engines

Lexis Web

Results include free documents from websites "handpicked by LexisNexis editorial staff," as well as suggested documents, based on your search, that are available on the commercial Lexis site. Includes some different ways of filtering website results compared to a standard web search engine. More information <pdf>.

Academic Search Engines

Google Scholar
Microsoft Academic Search

Information About Search Engines

Google Inside Search Blog
Search Engine Land
Search Engine Watch (mainly of interest to advertisers now)
Search Engine Relationship Chart

Information About Searching the "Deep Web"

Deep Web Research & Discovery Resources 2017, article by Marcus P. Zillman on , Dec. 23, 2016

Web Portals

WWW Virtual Library

Law & Government Web Portals

FDsys - US Govt. Printing Office's portal for federal government publications
Findlaw - Consumer Version
Findlaw for Legal Professionals
Hieros Gamos
Legal Information Institute (Cornell U.) - NY State government's information portal - NYC government's information portal - US goverment's information portal
Washlaw Web (Washburn U.)

Discussion: Blogs, Tweets, Forums, etc.

CataList - Catalog of Listserv Lists
Google Blog Search

Law-Specific Blogs & Twitter Info

ABA Journal Blawg Directory - includes the Blawg 100 list of most popular blawgs, as voted on annually by registered users.
LegalBirds - Legal professionals on Twitter