MICHELLE ANDERSON delivered remarks on a panel titled "Teaching Rape, Reforming Rape Law" at the Association of American Law Schools annual meeting in January. Throughout the fall of 2011, she led the 60-faculty-member Pathways Project at CUNY, which recommended an undergraduate, 30-credit Common Core to Chancellor Matthew Goldstein in December that was accepted without revision. In November, Anderson delivered a keynote speech at Queensborough Community College on general education at CUNY. Also in November, she delivered welcoming remarks and moderated a panel at the conference focused on preventing abuse and neglect of children sponsored by the CUNY Children's Rights Institute and the New York City Bar Association. In October, Anderson introduced a plenary panel at the Women's Leadership Conference at Hunter College.

PENELOPE ANDREWS moderated the section "Minority Conservatives and Their Impact on Legal Theory" at the Association of American Law Schools annual meeting in January. In November 2011 she presented at two events: on the "Civil Disobedience" panel at West Virginia College of Law and as a plenary speaker at the 2011 International Human Rights Education Conference in South Africa. Also in November, she co-conducted, with MARY LU BILEK , a one-day writing workshop for the South African Women Lawyers Association and the Foundation for Human Rights in Johannesburg, and then met with the judges at the High Court in Johannesburg, who provided CUNY Law students with a wonderful internship over the summer.

MARY LU BILEK agreed to serve on the board of directors of the National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest) in December 2011. In November, she spoke at the 2011 International Human Rights Education Conference in South Africa.

BERYL BLAUSTONE served as a "Professorial Research Visitor" at the University of New South Wales Law School in Sydney, Australia, and continues to foster an exchange between that school and CUNY School of Law. She published "Improving Clinical Judgment in Lawyering with Multidisciplinary Knowledge about Brain Function and Human Behavior: What Should Law Students Learn about Human Behavior for Effective Lawyering?" in 40 University of Baltimore Law Review 607.

CAITLIN BORGMANN was quoted by the Christian Science Monitor, CNN, Mississippi television stations, Slate magazine, and the Washington Post on reproductive rights and "personhood amendments." In October 2011, Borgmann presented "What the Mississippi Personhood Amendment Tells Us about Life" at the Mississippi College School of Law Symposium and "Appellate Review of Trial Court Factfinding in Constitutional Rights Cases" at Loyola-Chicago Law School's 2nd Annual Constitutional Law Colloquium.

REBECCA BRATSPIES was appointed to the AALS Environmental Law Section Executive Committee at the AALS annual meeting in January. She cowrote a report for the Center for Progressive Reform titled "Reclaiming Global Environmental Leadership" in December. In October 2011, she published "A Regulatory Wakeup Call: Lessons from BP's Deepwater Horizon Disaster" in 5 Golden Gate University Environmental Law Journal 7 and edited LexisNexis Questions & Answers: International Law, a textbook in the LexisNexis Understanding Law series. Bratspies presented part of her ongoing book project, Sustainability: Using Law and Science to Remake Our World, at Vermont Law School in September.

SUSAN BRYANT presented "Bringing a Racial and Cultural Competence Lens to Public Interest" at the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG) in December 2011. Also in December, she presented a CLE training, "Enhancing Language Access: Serving Deaf Survivors of Violence" at the Legal Services Learning Center and made a training video for the new judges at the State Judicial Institute on Working with Interpreters to Increase Access to Justice.

DOUGLAS COX published " 'Inalienable' Archives: Korean Royal Archives as French Property under International Law" in the International Journal of Cultural Property and an op-ed on Jurist titled "Finding Kuwait's Missing National Archives" in January. In December 2011, American Archivist published his article "National Archives and International Conflicts." In October, the Los Angeles Times published his op-ed "The Noriega File" on why the United States should return to Panama the thousands of boxes of documents it seized during Operation Just Cause.

LISA DAVIS coauthored the chapter "Our Bodies Are Still Trembling" in the book Tectonic Shifts: Haiti Since the Earthquake. She was interviewed by WPFW, WBAI, "GW on the Hill," and the Progressive Radio Network and quoted in news stories by the Huffington Post, Reuters, and the Inter-Press Service, among other outlets, for the release of the new IWHR Clinic report, "Struggling to Survive: Sexual Exploitation of Displaced Women and Girls in Port au Prince, Haiti." She spoke on the panel "Protecting Women's Health in Post- Disaster Areas" for the National Haitian American Health Alliance and on the panel "Developing Best Practices for Media Coverage of Gender-Based Violence in Haiti" for the law firm Reed Smith in December 2011. In October, she spoke on two panels in Geneva, Switzerland: "Utilizing the Commitment of Security Council Resolution 1325" for the Women's League of Peace and Freedom, and "Post-UPR Debrief: Next Steps of Human Rights in Haiti" for the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti. In September, Davis served as a judge for the Symbolic Tribunal on Sexual Violence in Post-Conflict Colombia. She was a panelist on "How Can Grassroots Movements and the Judicial System Complement Each Other?" for the World Bank and on the panel "Human Rights in Reconstruction Haiti" for the Haiti Assistance Task Force of Yale University and "Making a Difference" for the American Bar Association's International Human Rights Committee Teleconference in September.

FRANK DEALE was one of two featured speakers at the Forum on CUNY & Race: Diversity in a Time of Austerity Policies, which was sponsored by the Professional Staff Congress in December 2011. His book review of Human Rights at Work: Perspectives on Law and Regulation was published in Human Rights Quarterly in November.

PAMELA EDWARDS moderated two panels: "Getting Into the Academy" and "How to Get a Legal Teaching Job" at the November 2011 Joint Conference of Asian Pacific American Law Faculty (CAPALF )/Northeast People of Color Conference (NEPOC), Exploring the American Family.

RAQUEL GABRIEL's column, "Diversity Dialogues: Managing Conflict" was published in the Fall 2011 issue of the 103 Law Library Journal 685. It is the fourth in a series that she has been asked to write regarding diversity and the profession of law librarianship.

JULIE GOLDSCHEID published "Disparate Impact's Impact: The Gender Violence Lens" in 90 Oregon Law Review 33 (2011). In December 2011, she was a consultant and planner for the two-day Expert Group Meeting at U.N. Women, on developing a U.N. policy on Gender Violence and the Workplace. In November, Goldscheid was a convenor and panelist for "Jessica Lenahan (Gonzales) v. United States: Implementation, Litigation, and Mobilization Strategies" at Columbia Law School. She was also a panelist for a program at Cardozo Law School, Jessica Lenahan's Victory at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, where she presented "Reconsidering Civil Rights." She also presented "Human Rights Litigation: A Remedy for DV Survivors, the Jessica Lenahan Victory," as the plenary speaker at the National District Attorneys Association's Annual Multi-Disciplinary Conference on Domestic Violence. Goldscheid gave three presentations in October: "Reconsidering Gender-based Violence and Civil Rights," at the Yale Law School conference VAWA Revisited: Violence Against Women; "Inter-American Commission's Decision in Lenahan v. United States' Implications for U.S. Advocacy," at the National Association of Women Judges Conference, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Symposium on International Women's Rights: Promoting Global Equality for Women through the Law at Rutgers Law School; and "Multiple Discrimination," at the European Commission's 2011 legal seminar on implementation of E.U. law on equal opportunities and anti-discrimination law. She also published "Gender Violence and Work in the United States and South Africa: The Parallel Processes of Legal and Cultural Change" in 19 American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law 92 (2011). In September, Goldscheid presented "Disparate Impact's Impact: The Gender Violence Lens" at the 6th Annual Colloquium on Labor and Employment Law at Loyola Law School Los Angeles.

VICTOR GOODE was a panelist for "Faculty Student Collaborations to Achieve Balance in the Law School" at the Section on Balance in Legal Education in January. He presented "Are Empathy and Compassion Lawyering Skills?" at the New York City Bar Association in December 2011. In October, Goode's letter to "Sunday Dialogue: Diversity on Campus" was published in the Sunday New York Times.

BABE HOWELL authored an amicus brief to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of the New York City Bar Association in the case of Mental Hygiene Legal Services v. Cuomo in November 2011, which challenges the mandatory pre-trial detention provisions of the Sex Offender Management and Treatment Act. In September, she published "Fear Itself: The Impact of Allegations of Gang Affiliation on Pre-Trial Detention" in 23 St. Thomas Law Review 620 and spoke on criminal law responses to street harassment on "Today's Verdict" on BronxNet TV.

RAMZI KASSEM was a panelist at an event organized by the Center for Constitutional Rights at Brecht Forum in January, "Guantánamo at Year 10: Building a Movement to Close the Prison & End All Unjust U.S. Detentions." His op-eds on civil rights and the "war on terror," one of which was coauthored with AMNA AKBAR, appeared in the New York Daily News and in Al-Jazeera English Online. In October 2011, Kassem was a panelist on "Arab, Muslim and South Asian Communities Ten Years after 9/11" at the Asian-American Studies Program and the Human Rights Program at Roosevelt House in Hunter College and "Reflections on Litigation and Advocacy Strategy a Decade Post-9/11," which was hosted by the Counterterrorism & Human Rights Project, Human Rights Institute at Columbia Law School. He also was a moderator on the panel "Profiling, Racialization, and Mobilization" at the conference Muslim American Citizenship: A Decade Since 9/11, organized by the Center for the Study of Democracy, Toleration, and Religion at Columbia University in October. Kassem presented "Gendered Erasure in the Global War on Terror" at the Gender, National Security, and Counter-Terrorism Workshop, which was organized by the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University School of Law Abu Dhabi. His essay "September 11th and the Future We've Built" was published in the online South Asian Magazine for Action and Reflection (SAMAR) in September.

DONNA LEE was elected Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA ) secretary for 2012 in December 2011. She was a panelist on "The Hidden Regulation of the Family" at the Joint Conference of Asian Pacific American Law Faculty (CAPALF )/Northeast People of Color Conference (NEPOC) in November.

DEGNA LEVISTER spoke about clinical teaching and legal writing on the panel "Getting Into the Academy: Different Types of Legal Teaching Jobs" at the Joint Conference of Asian Pacific American Law Faculty (CAPALF )/Northeast People of Color Conference (NEPOC) in November 2011.

STEPHEN LOFFREDO published "State Courts and Constitutional Socio-Economic Rights: Exploring the Underutilization Thesis" with New York University law professor Helen Hershkoff in 110 Penn State Law Review 923.

SHIRLEY LUNG and DAVID NADVORNEY coauthored the essay "Academic Support: Countering the Failings of Traditional Law School Pedagogy and Supporting Inclusive and Effective Education for Pipeline Students" in the book The End of the Pipeline: A Journey of Recognition for African Americans Entering the Legal Profession, recently published by Carolina Press (2011).

In December 2011, ANDREA MCARDLE was a panelist for "Derrick Bell as Teacher" at the conference A Living, Working Faith: Remembering Our Colleague Derrick A. Bell, Jr., at the Center for the Study of Law and Culture at Columbia University School of Law. She also presented "The Judicial Writing Class: How Writing from a Judicial Perspective Helps Students Learn about Effective Advocacy Writing" for the Innovations in Legal Writing Panel at the Legal Writing Institute One-Day Workshop at the University of Memphis School of Law. McArdle presented a work in progress, "The Surprisingly Fractious Politics of Nonpartisan Judicial Selection: Judicial 'Accountability' as a Conservative Countermobilization to Court Reform," at the Albany Law School Faculty Workshop Series in October.

JENNY RIVERA received the New York State Bar Association Diversity Trailblazer Lifetime Achievement Award at the NYS Bar Association's annual meeting in January. Also in January, she co-presented "So You Want to Be a Lawyer: Puerto Ricans and Their Journey into the Legal Profession: Overcoming Challenges" at the Puerto Rican Bar Association. Rivera was a panelist for "Current Enrollment Trends of African Americans and Latinos in Graduate Education" at the Sixth Annual City University of New York Black Male Initiative (BMI) Conference, Hunter College, in October 2011. She was a panelist and moderator for "Civil Rights and Immigrants' Rights/Federal Preemption Cases," at the Second Annual Supreme Court Review, the 2010–2011 Term: Impact on the Latino Community and Practitioners, at Linklaters LLP in September.

RUTHANN ROBSON presented "Sexual Minorities: the New Conservative Legal Theorists?" on the "Minority Conservatives and Their Impact on Legal Theory" panel at the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) annual meeting in January.

RICK ROSSEIN was selected as the independent EEO consultant mandated by the Remedial Order by the U.S. District Court in U.S. and the Vulcan Society v. the City of New York in January. His treatise "Employment Discrimination Law and Litigation" was cited in Russell v. Goodwin in January and Stroud v. McIntosh in December 2011.

FRANKLIN SIEGEL and three co-counsel in Handschu v. Special Services Division filed a motion in October seeking discovery following reports by the Associated Press that the New York Police Department monitored religious worship in mosques, "mapped" Muslim communities, and placed undercover personnel in Muslim student groups on private and public university campuses. Such activities may have violated police guidelines adopted under the Handschu class-action decree, a federal court order limiting police surveillance of lawful political and First Amendment activity.

RICHARD STORROW's article "Assisted Reproduction on Treacherous Terrain: The Legal Hazards of Cross-Border Reproductive Care" was published in Reproductive BioMedicine Online (2011). His essay "S.H. v. Austria Denies Infertile Europeans Human Rights" was published in BioNews in January. Storrow's article "The Pluralism Problem in Cross-Border Reproductive Care" was cited by the dissenting judges in the European Court of Human Rights case S.H. v. Austria in November.

SARAH VALENTINE was awarded a fellowship at the National Institute for Teaching Ethics and Professionalism (NITEP) at Georgia State University College of Law in December 2011. Also in December, she presented "When Your Attorney Is Your Enemy: How to Know and What to Do" at the Growing Up Policed: Surveilling Racialized Sexualities conference at the University of Oregon Women's Center. In November, Valentine presented "Teaching Professionalism at CUNY School of Law" at the Burge Conference on Law and Ethics at Georgia State University. She contributed a chapter titled "Supporting Queer Youth" for the book Justice for Kids: Keeping Kids Out of the Juvenile Justice System, published by New York University Press (2011).

DEBORAH ZALESNE presented the paper "Racial Inequality in Contracting" at the Columbia Journal of Race and Law Symposium and co-presented a paper, "Contracting Rights of Non-Traditional Families," at the Joint Conference of Asian Pacific American Law Faculty (CAPALF)/Northeast People of Color (NEPOC). In addition, she and DAVID NADVORNEY recently had their article, "Teaching Issue Spotting Explicitly and Integrating the Skill of Note Taking into a Doctrinal Class," published as a chapter in the book Techniques for Teaching Law 2 (published by Carolina Academic Press, 2011). Their article, "Why Don't They Get It? Academic Intelligence and the Under-Prepared Student as 'Other' " was also published in 61 Journal of Legal Education 264.

STEVE ZEIDMAN participated in the Working Group on Experiential Education at the Northeastern University School of Law in September 2011. Also in September, his article "Padilla v. Kentucky: Sound and Fury or Transformative Potential" was accepted for publication in the Fordham Urban Law Journal.

JEAN ZORN's "The Paradoxes of Sexism: Proving Rape in the Papua New Guinea Courts" was published in the journal LawAsia (December 2010). A follow-up to that article, "Engendering Violence in the Papua New Guinea Courts: Sentencing in Rape Trials," will be a chapter in the book Engendering Violence in Papua New Guinea (Australian National University Press, April 2012).

On the Cover: Rosanna Roizin ('08)


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