Spring 2013 Issue

Cover Story

Celebrating Judge Jenny Rivera

On April 8, the Law School celebrated Judge Jenny Rivera and her accomplishments with more than 200 guests, who included students, staff, faculty, alumni, friends, and family.


Alumni Spotlight

Fighting AIDS Through Activism: David Barr (’86)

When you hear David Barr (’86) talk about his life in New York City in the 1980s, it’s like a storyline from a gripping movie. But it’s a story that Barr lived.


Lending a Voice: Janet Malone (’89)

“I always wanted to give a voice to those who didn’t have one,” recalled Judge Janet Malone (’89).


Beginning a CUNY Law Legacy

Three decades is ample time for a legacy to develop. Consider the Cabans at CUNY Law. Osvaldo Caban got his J.D. in 1987, the second graduating class; his daughter, Celina, is on track to graduate in 2014.


Protecting the Rights of the Vulnerable

Elder Law Clinic

The Elder Law Clinic helps protect the rights of vulnerable people who may not be able to make decisions for themselves.


Serving Vulnerable Elders and Their Families: Elizabeth Valentin (’01)

Elizabeth Valentin (’01) laughed when asked how she got interested in elder law.


Providing Caring Guardians: Laura Negrón (’07)

“Way too often we see horrific incidences of financial exploitation in the elder law cases that come to us,” said Laura Negrón (’07).


Elder Law Clinic: Students’ Perspectives

Third-year Elder Law Clinic students Carolyn Fakury, Mary Elizabeth Murray, and Katie Redmon, along with Nora Moran, a social work intern from Hunter College, discuss the clinic and what inspired them to become lawyers.


CUNY Law Welcomes New Faculty

Lynn Lu: Defending Access to Public Benefits

In her first year at CUNY Law, Clinical Law Professor Lynn Lu has enjoyed teaching the lawyering seminar to first-year students in the fall; this semester, she's co-teaching the Economic Justice Project (EJP) with EJP founder Professor Stephen Loffredo.


Alan White: Advocating for Economic Justice

Wander past Professor Alan White's office after class and you may find his students deep in conversation about the recent financial crisis and foreclosure situation.


Lisa Davis ('08): Advocating for Women's Rights

Lisa Davis ('08) has been associated for years with the International Women's Human Rights Clinic (IWHR), but this is her first year as a full-time clinical professor.


Nina Chernoff: Committed to Client-Centered Lawyering

It happened by chance. Associate Professor Nina Chernoff had just moved to New York and had not heard about CUNY Law until she paused to speak with CUNY Law professors Babe Howell and Natalie Gomez-Velez at a criminal law lecture.


Alex Berrio Matamoros: Enhancing Research with Technology

"I'm the librarian with probably the fewest books on my bookshelf," said Alex Berrio Matamoros, the new emerging technologies librarian and library associate professor.


Florence Kerner: Preparing Students for the Bar

If you had been a student at Orientation this past fall and met Florence Kerner, you would not have forgotten her enthusiasm and sheer excitement during that program.


Faculty Scholarship

In this feature, we are pleased to share highlights of recent scholarship from CUNY Law faculty.

Professor Caitlin Borgmann: Appellate Courts and the Question of Social Facts

A condensed introduction to Professor Caitlin Borgmann’s article “Appellate Review of Social Facts in Constitutional Rights Cases.”


Dean's Letter

When I think of the founding of CUNY School of Law 30 years ago, I think about the decision to make this place unlike any other law school in the United States.


Alumni Notes

You've seen Alumni Notes in the CUNY Law magazine. Now you can view expanded notes about your classmates — including e-mail and web addresses and photos — online!


Faculty Notes

View the latest research and publications, scholarship, speaking engagements and more from our esteemed public interest faculty.

On the Cover: (l-r) New York Court of Appeals Associate Judge Jenny Rivera
and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor


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