MICHELLE ANDERSON's article, "Legal Education Reform, Diversity, and Access to Justice," 61 Rutgers L. Rev. 1011, 1016 (Summer 2009), was cited in the Brief of the American Bar Association as Amicus Curiae in Support of Respondents in Fisher v. University of Texas. Anderson was also quoted by the Daily News and was featured in the New York Law Journal's Law School Special Section in November 2012.

ALEX BERRIO MATAMOROS coauthored "Librarians, Legal Research, and Classroom iPads—A Winning Combination: Integrating iPads into Legal Research Instruction at Boston College Law School" in the September 2012 issue of AALL Spectrum. In November, he presented "Flipping the Classroom: Adapting Teaching Strategies to Maximize Time in the Classroom" at the CUNY IT Conference at John Jay College.

CAITLIN BORGMANN presented "The Constitutionality of Government-Imposed Bodily Intrusions" at Loyola-Chicago Law School's Third Annual Constitutional Law Colloquium in November 2012. She was quoted in the USA Today article "Protracted Fight Over Abortion Rights Comes Due" and was interviewed on KRLD News Radio, Dallas, TX, on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

REBECCA BRATSPIES's chapter "Assuming Away the Problem? The Vexing Relationship Between International Trade and Environmental Protection" was published in Non-State Actors, Soft Law and Protective Regimes (Ed. Cecilia Bailliet), Cambridge University Press. In September 2012, she presented "Using Human Rights to Make Resource Development Decisions in the Arctic" at the Fifth Polar Law Symposium and "GMOs: Is Anyone Regulating?" at the Vermont Law School Conference on Agriculture and Food Systems. She published Mayah's Lot, an environmental justice comic book, with the Center for Urban Environmental Reform and organized the seminar Greening the Red Zone: Sustainability in Cities with the U.S. Forest Service. She published "Food, Technology and Hunger" in the journal Law, Culture and Humanities (October 2012) and "Marine Environmental Law" (with Anastasia Telesetsky) in the Routledge Handbook of International Law (2012). Her blog post "Embracing Environmental Justice to Green the Cities" appeared on the Nature of Cities blog; her "BP Guilty Plea: Vindication or Drop in the Ocean?" post appeared on the Intlawgrrls blog; and her "Navigating the High Seas: Why the U.S. Should Ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty" post appeared on the Center for Progressive Reform blog. She presented "Lies We Tell Ourselves about the Green Economy" at the American Society of International Law's International Economic Law Biennial Meeting in December. Bratspies also moderated the Future of Environmental Law panel at the University of Akron Law School Conference on the Next Generation of Environmental Law.

In September 2012, SUSAN J. BRYANT copresented "Bringing a Racial Justice Lens to Legal Services Work" with Lillian Moy & Tanya Douglas at the Partnership Conference for Legal Services in Albany. In October, she presented "Clinical Fieldwork Design" with Conrad Johnson at a Clinical Theory Workshop. In January, she presented "Presiding in Interpreted Proceedings: Understanding Key Issues in Court Interpretation" at a new judges training at the New York State Judicial Institute. She presented "Faculty Collaborations" with DONNA LEE at the AAL S Conference in New Orleans and presented "The Five Habits and Race: Problem-Solving Issues of Cross- Cultural Lawyering and Bias" with Jean Koh Peters at MFY Legal Services.

NINA W. CHERNOFF published "Wrong about the Right: How Courts Undermine the Fair Cross-Section Guarantee by Confusing it with Equal Protection," 64 Hastings L. J. 141 (Dec. 2012). She coauthored "Jury Composition Challenges" in Jurywork: Systematic Techniques, 2d, 2012–2013 edition, with Joseph B. Kadane.

DOUGLAS COX's op-ed "The CIA and the Unfinished National Archives Inquiry" was published on JURIS. He presented "The Odyssey of the Noriega Files" at a CUNY Library Association meeting. He also presented "'Neutrality' as Archival Activism in the Age of Wikileaks" at the New School symposium Archives & Activism.

In October 2012, LISA DAVIS participated in the Expert's Meeting on International Law, Disarmament, Women and Human Rights in London. She testified on the codification of lesbian, bisexual, and transgender human rights at the UN Committee to End All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW ) 53rd Session in Geneva, Switzerland. She was also a guest lecturer on litigating cases in international human rights bodies at Hastings Law School in San Francisco. In December, she presented at the International Gay & Lesbian Association (IGLA ) Annual World Conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

FRANK DEALE made two panel presentations on voter suppression and the Voting Rights Act in October 2012 at the Seventh Annual CUNY Black Male Initiative Conference, "Rock the Vote: The Presidential Election of 2012, the Struggle for Voting Rights and the Future of Urban America."

JULIE GOLDSCHEID presented her article, "Rethinking Civil Rights and Gender Violence," at the Social Justice Feminism conference at the University of Cincinnati in October 2012.

In September 2012, NATALIE GOMEZ-VELEZ presented "The Nuts and Bolts of the Admissions Process—Character and Fitness Review" with Maria Matos, executive secretary for character and fitness for the Appellate Division First Department. She and CARMEN HUERTAS-NOBLE served as experts on a board governance panel at Acacia Network Inc.'s Seventh annual working board retreat. In October, Gomez-Velez presented "Urban Public Education Reform in New York City" on the panel "Education Reform and Governance: Trends, Legal Issues and Litigation" at the Education and the Law Symposium, sponsored by the ABA Section of State and Local Government and UMKC School of Law in Kansas City. In January, she was a scholarship presenter at the 100 Hispanic Women Inc.'s Young Latinas Leadership Institute Scholarship Awards at Hunter College of the City University of New York. Her article "Urban Public Education Reform: Governance, Accountability, Outsourcing" was accepted for publication in Urban Lawyer. Her articles "LaunchPad for Justice: Public Interest Legal Apprenticeship Serving Urgent Legal Needs" and "Structured Discrete Task Representation to Bridge the Justice Gap: CUNY Law School's LaunchPad for Justice" were accepted for publication in the CUNY Law Review.

In October 2012, VICTOR GOODE published "Affirmative Action May Turn on Defining 'Critical Mass' of Diversity" and "The Roberts Court May Have the Last Word on Affirmative Action," both in Colorlines. He participated in the "Creating and Sustaining Social Justice Lawyers" panel at the Society of American Law Teachers Conference in Baltimore in October. He also presented the CLE class "The Future of Affirmative Action: The Fisher Case and Its Aftermath" at CUNY Law School. In November, he presented "The Colorline and Campus Admissions: The Past, Present and Uncertain Future of Affirmative Action" at the Facing Race Conference in Baltimore. In December, Goode published "Viewpoint: Affirmative Action in Peril" in the Clarion, PSC CUNY. He also presented "Can the Law Help Achieve Dr. King's Vision of a Beloved Community? A Meditation, a Talk, a Reflection" at the New York City Bar Association, Contemplative Lawyers Group.

BABE HOWELL presented on and moderated a panel on the legality of the stop-andfrisk program at an all-day dialogue on stop and frisk at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in October 2012. She was quoted in the Tampa Bay Times article "Parents Angry after Finding Their Children's Names on Police 'Gang Lists.'"

In September 2012, CARMEN HUERTAS-NOBLE was a commentator on "Standing in the Shadow of Tax Exceptionalism: Expanding Access to Judicial Review of Federal Agency Rules," authored by LYNN LU. She moderated CUNY School of Law's Law Review and Labor Coalition's panel discussion "Fire Your Boss: Worker Cooperatives, Community Development and Social Change!" in November. Huertas-Noble and NATALIE GOMEZ-VELEZ served as experts on a board governance panel as part of Acacia Network Inc.'s seventh annual working board retreat in September.

JEFFREY L. KIRCHMEIER published "Confession for the Soul? A Defense Lawyer's Moral Advice to a Guilty Client," 10 Ohio State J. Crim. L. 219 (2012) in December.

SARAH LAMDAN presented the CLE class "Researching Ethical and Legal Issues in Data Privacy & Social Media" with the Law Library Association of Greater New York in December 2012.

ANDREA MCARDLE published "Using a Narrative Lens to Understand Empathy and How It Matters in Judging" in 9 Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD 173 (Fall 2012). In November 2012, she presented on the panel "Generating Ideas for Scholarship" at the Legal Writing Institute's One-Day Workshop at George Washington University School of Law in Washington, D.C. Her essay, "A Living, Working Faith: Remembering Our Colleague Derrick A. Bell, Jr. as Teacher," appeared in 2 Columbia Journal of Race & Law Special Feature 30 (2012), an online, interactive edition that followed a daylong conference on Derrick Bell's work at the Center for the Study of Law and Culture at Columbia Law School in December 2011.

In September 2012, JENNY RIVERA was the program moderator and presenter of the Civil Procedure segment at the Third Annual Supreme Court Term Review CLE program hosted by CLORE, the Hispanic Bar Association–NY Region, and the Puerto Rican Bar Association at Kelley Drye LLP. In October, she presented at the Northeast People of Color Conference in Boston on current and future challenges to Latino law student enrollment. Penny Andrews and Rivera both received the Haywood Burns/ Shanara Gilbert Award at the conference.

RUTHANN ROBSON's essay "Toward a More Perfect Analysis" appeared on SCOTUSblog in its online same-sex marriage symposium in September 2012. Robson organized and moderated the annual distinguished professor public conversation at CUNY Law in November, featuring Professor of Law SHIRLEY LUNG and CUNY Distinguished Professor Stanley Aronowitz. In January, she spoke at the New York City Bar and at the Public Law Advocacy program at Cardozo School of Law for the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. She was also a judge in the finals of the National Moot Court competition at the New York City Bar. Robson was quoted by CBS on same-sex marriage cases and the affirmative action case in its stories about Supreme Court review; CBC, Rue89, and South Carolina Lawyers Weekly quoted her about secession petitions on www.whitehouse.gov; the New York Times and Associated Press quoted her about First Amendment concerns about banning sex offenders from using the Internet, and www.lawyers.com quoted her about assault weapons bans and the stop-and-frisk program.

FRANKLIN SIEGEL and three co-counsel to the Class in Handschu v. Special Services Division filed a motion in federal court in Manhattan on February 4 to enjoin the New York City Police Department's surveillance program targeting legal First Amendment activity in Muslim communities. The motion also asks the court to appoint a monitor to ensure NYPD compliance with guidelines adopted under the Handschu decree. The NYPD surveillance program directed at Muslim communities was disclosed by Associated Press reporters (who were awarded a Pulitzer Prize). Their series detailed how NYPD infiltrators had routinely monitored worship and political activity in mosques, student associations, and community gathering places for no reason other than a connection to Islam, and with no indication of unlawful or terrorist activity. The filing was the subject of the lead Sunday New York Times editorial on February 10.

CYNTHIA SOOHOO was asked to chair the selection committee for the Ace Foundation Rule of Law Human Rights First Fellowship. She chaired the fellows interviews and selection in December 2012. Soohoo was also named board chair for the U.S. Human Rights Network and chaired the December board meeting.

RICHARD STORROW published "Marital Status and Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Infertility Care" in the Law Journal for Social Justice and "Judicial Review of Restrictions on Gamete Donation in Europe" in Reproductive BioMedicine Online. In September 2012, he presented his comments on the paper "Mothering for Money: Regulating Commercial Intimacy" at the Baby Markets Roundtable at Indiana University's Maurer School of Law.

In September 2012, ALAN WHITE presented "Disparate Impact Analysis under Fair Credit Laws" at the National Press Club on a panel organized by the Law & Economics Center at George Mason University. In October, he spoke on credit discrimination laws at the Public Policy Conference on Consumer Protection in Arlington, VA. He also spoke on a panel on standing issues in foreclosure litigation at the National Consumer Law Center's Consumer Rights Litigation Conference in Seattle. In November, he presented a work in progress, "Banks as Utilities," at the Class Crits conference at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. In January, he was the moderator and section chair for the AALS creditors' and debtors' rights section program. He was also a speaker at Cardozo Law School on predatory lending. White posts regularly on the Credit Slips blog. He was quoted in the Huffington Post on the rolling jubilee movement, an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street organizing around debt cancellation.

JOHN WHITLOW spoke at Harvard Law School in November 2012 at the conference Community Responses to the Foreclosure Crisis. He also spoke at the Urban Uprising in History, in Process, in the Future conference at the CUNY Graduate Center.

DEBORAH ZALESNE was invited to join the author team of Amy Kastely, Deborah Post, and Nancy Ota for the fifth edition of Contracting Law, published by Carolina Academic Press. She was also invited to be on the editorial board of the Journal of Legal Education.

STEVE ZEIDMAN was appointed to a threeyear term on the Indigent Defense Organization Oversight Committee by Luis A. Gonzalez, presiding justice of the Appellate Division, First Department. His article, "Gideon: Looking Backward, Looking Forward, Looking in the Mirror," was accepted for publication in a special issue of the Seattle Journal for Social Justice commemorating the 50th anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright. He was quoted by the Associated Press in a story about problem-solving courts, by the New York Law Journal about citywide disparities in felony conviction rates, and in a www.DNAinfo.com article about a recent federal court ruling that the NYPD's stop-and-frisk program was unconstitutional.

On the Cover: (l-r) New York Court of Appeals Associate Judge Jenny Rivera
and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor


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