CUNY Law School offers its students an on-site Early Childhood Program, the first and still one of the few on-site child care centers in legal education in the nation. The Children's Center provides reasonably-priced, high-quality nurturing care for children, ages three months to two years, with a quality program of educational and recreational activities in a caring, multicultural environment. The children are able to walk or ride in our buggy to nearby John F. Murray Park, which has swings and age appropriate equipment.

The Children's Center is licensed by the New York City Department of Health. It is staffed with state-certified early-childhood educators.

The Center answers many needs for students, staff and faculty members who are parents:

  • One-Stop Facility: as it is on-site, there is no separate commute to drop off or pick up children.
  • Reasonable Cost: the Center, sensitive to the financial strains of being a student, offers child care to enrolled students for a significantly reduced rate.
  • Family Friendly: appreciation of, and respect for, diversity is central to the program. Various family compositions and situations are recognized and supported when possible.
  • Parent Visits: Parents are invited to visit the Center during the day to see their children or have lunch with them.
  • Parent-teacher conferences, parent meetings, and topical workshops on many aspects of child-rearing;
  • Referrals to experts when needed; and
  • Individual parent guidance on common issues like transitions from home to school and toilet training.

The Center serves children ages three months to two years and enrollment is limited.