CUNY School of Law is proud to announce the establishment of the first endowed summer fellowship, dedicated to students working in the area of children's rights. The fellowship is made possible through a generous donation from the Honorable Bryanne Hamill '90 and Thomas Hamill.

A retired Judge of the New York Family Court, Judge Hamill is widely recognized for her exemplary work in the New York City courts on behalf of children and families. She was recently called out of retirement to preside over a model court serving youth transitioning out of foster care. A member of the Law School's Board of Visitors, Judge Hamill has also developed a seminar on family law, which she teaches each Spring at CUNY. The Hamills have been longstanding supporters of the Law School, offering scholarships to Pipeline students, and summer fellowships. By establishing an endowment, the Hamills have made an indelible mark on CUNY Law — ensuring that current and future students will receive support for their summer internships while serving the City's youth and children.

"Through this endowed fellowship, we hope to expose students to the pressing public interest work on behalf of NYC's most vulnerable youth and children while making meaningful differences in their lives." — Hon. Bryanne Hamill '90

The $5,000 summer fellowship is open to first- and second- year CUNY Law students who will work with or for New York City children who are at risk or in state custody.

Interested students may apply for the fellowship by completing the CUNY Law Summer Fellowship Application, which will be distributed by the Office of Student Affairs in December.