SRP is an advocacy group that educates law students about issues effecting public school students in NYC, and trains law students to represent public school students in superintendent’s suspension hearings and help safeguard their right to education.

Founded by NYU Law students in 2007, the Suspension Representation Project (SRP) has successfully reduced or overturned Superintendent's suspensions of students in virtually every case in which its advocates have been involved.

The CUNY Law SRP Chapter is an initiative of the very active CUNY Law National Lawyers Guild (NLG) Chapter. The initiative is supported by a group of faculty members who are acting as an advisory committee as the project takes root at CUNY Law as one of the many student-initiated activities that further our mission of "Law in the Service of Human Needs."

While helping public school students safeguard their right to education, CUNY Law SRP advocates will also develop valuable legal skills including interviewing clients, conducting direct and cross examinations, and delivering closing arguments. As the project develops, CUNY SRP chapter members plan to participate in NYC coalitions aimed at improving the ways that schools respond to students' behavior.