The Office of Registration & Student Records Management is responsible for the completion of bar certification forms and character and fitness forms.


Applying to Sit for a Bar Examination

Students must apply directly to the jurisdiction(s) for which they intend to sit for the bar examination.


New York State Bar

The New York State bar examination application can be downloaded from the New York Board of Law Examiners website. The application period for the February bar exam is November 1 - November 30. The application period for the July bar exam is April 1 - April 30.


NY Bar Exam Certification

After your application has been processed, the BOLE will email to you a "Law School Certificate of Attendance" form that will be pre-filled with the responses you provided when you completed your online application. You are required to email the Certificate of Attendance form to the Office Registration ( in order for the information to be certified by the school. You will also be emailed a "Specimen of Applicant's Handwriting" form. The BOLE requires that you bring the "Specimen of Applicant's Handwriting" form to the Office of Registration to complete your handwriting specimen in the presence of a staff member. The Certificate of Attendance and Handwriting Specimen must be submitted to the Office of Registration no later than May 31st. Submission of these forms will be considered authorization for the school to certify you for the NY bar exam.


Character and Fitness Application

The Office of Registration & Student Records Management is responsible for completing character and fitness forms. Please complete the portion of the form that needs to be completed by the applicant and submit to our office.


Bar Examinations for States Other Than New York

Students applying to take a bar examination in a jurisdiction other than New York can obtain information on the National Conference of Bar Examiners website.


It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit the necessary certification forms to the Office of Registration & Student Records Management.


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