Behavior, thoughts, and reactions can make all the difference in helping to reduce the stress you are temporarily feeling. Be aware of what makes you happy and what makes you stressed and plan accordingly.

  • Breathe, yes just focus on your breathing and feel the results (*Breathing Exercise:courtesy
  • Meditate: close your eyes, envision a special place, where you feel safe, comfortable…slowly inhale, then slowly exhale, concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing
  • Visit a friend’s pet or pet store and pet a pet
  • Bring a plant into your apartment or try a pet rock
  • Watch a sitcom that makes you laugh or Netflix series…yes you can watch tv and enjoy a break
  • Tap back into what you liked to do – drawing, painting …Perhaps it is fixing things, your bike, car…etc...
  • Try practicing “mindfulness” for a few minutes… go out sit or walk, feel the sensation of a breeze…
  • Try this mindfulness Meditation
  • Write down all your stressors on paper
  • Make a list of things to look forward to doing
  • Have a chat with friend/family
  • Go for a walk
  • Take a hot shower or bath
  • Exercise
  • Take a yoga class, check out youtube for a yoga video or tai chi
  • Take a look at:
  • Dance like crazy to music
  • Revisit an old hobby
  • Take time for yourself “day off” or a part of the day, an hour, that is your time

Life feels easier as you relax…all feels so much more doable