9 ‘‘ ‘‘ CUNY Law is a special institution that takes pride in providing ample opportunities for law students of diverse backgrounds. As an alum of CUNY Law, it made such a difference in my law school experience to see and interact with students and professors who looked like me and camefromavarietyoflifeexperiences. That’s what makes CUNY Law so unique — it’s the only law school that I know that is truly committed to cultivating a more diverse legal field, starting at Court Square. –  Shoshana Brown ‘17 Appellate Court Attorney, Albany, New York AccordingtotheAmerican Bar Association, as of 2016, only 36% of lawyers are women and just 12% are people of color. That makes the practice of law one of the least diverse professions in the country. At CUNY Law, changing this reality is integral to our mission. Change starts with a diverse faculty, staff, and student body. Many of our students have immigrant origins and collectively represent more than 25 countries from around the world. Over a third of our students are the first in their families to graduate from college. There’s an unparalleled appreciation for education and opportunity at New York City’s only public law school. We believe it’s important for the legal profession to truly reflect the world we live in, and we are proud to be recognized as one of the most diverse law schools in the country. EMPOWERING EACH OF US 8 #2 MOST DIVERSE LAW SCHOOL IN THE NATION. U.S. News and World Report, 2018