15 14 15 14 TEACHERS MAKING A DIFFERENCE CUNY Law has a deep, abiding mission to practice law in the service of human needs. There are not enough lawyers engaged in practice for the public good or serving the needs of those most vulnerable. From the minute you enter CUNY Law, we engage you in focused legal training that includes doctrine, practice, and experiential work. We know that you will work hard to become creative, problem-solving lawyers ready to hit the ground running as soon as you leave us. We have high expectations and require every student to have a supervised practice experience before graduation because we know you will become the kinds of advocates who are the last line of defense for people in need. Our faculty is committed to CUNY Law’s mission and to your success. We “walk the walk” — our professors are people who have real-world practice experience and a demonstrated commitment to social justice. Our faculty continues to be engaged in those issues, both within and outside the law school. It is the commitment of our faculty and students that makes CUNY Law unique. ‘‘ ‘‘ Natalie Gomez-Velez, Professor of Law, Director of the Center on Latinx Rights and Equality, member of the New York State Unified Court System Committee on Non-Lawyers and the Justice Gap, Attorney Emeritus Advisory Committee, and Trustee of the City Parks Foundation