CUNY Law students intern all over the world, from New York City to San Francisco, from Colombia to South Africa, tapping into the deep and longstanding ties of the CUNY Law community. Skadden Fellowships, often thought of as the legal Peace Corps, are awarded to law students committed to the public interest. In 2017, CUNY Law grads Annemarie Caruso and Maggie Gribben, were awarded Skadden Fellowships, allowing them to advocate for students facing educational injustices and on behalf of low-wage workers. KICKSTARTING CAREERS ‘‘CUNY Law offered so many opportunities to prepare me for practice. Beginning 1L summer, and then each semester after that, I learned practical skills and gained invaluable experience through internships and in-house clinics with the New York City Department ofEducation,MobilizationforJustice, the Economic Justice Project, Legal Aid Society, and NYCLU. I draw on these experiences daily and know I will for years to come. – Annemarie Caruso ‘17 ‘‘ 21 20 Annemarie Caruso ‘17 and Maggie Gribben ‘17